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The review: honesty

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No one seems to tell the truth these days do they? Look at today’s picture. Asda saves us money every day? Yeah right… That’s why people are flocking to Aldi and Lidl while the big supermarkets lose trade.

The next biggest liars are political parties. They can tell a few fibs to suit their own nasty political agendas. Like the deficit is coming down. That’s not exactly a lie, but hides the truth. That’s like saying I can’t afford to pay my credit card bill this month, but I can just about managed the minimum payment so I can borrow some more. Then there are religions. The politicians stop people’s benefits and what do the religious people do? Set up food banks? No, they pray for us… I’m told Father Christmas is a big fat liar too and I’m not even sure whether I believe that!

Finance Friday: Streets paved with gold was yesterday’s post on a Zillion Ideas. That’s a metaphor, the streets of London aren’t really paved with gold. London is actually a dump where greedy people rush around trying to make enough money to pay the mortgage on their semi detached box out in suburbia. Thank God for low interest rates…

Thrifty Thursday: good food and style on a budget was my Thursday post, that encouraged people to ignore the ‘saving you money everyday’ and ‘every little helps’ slogans and to  look at quality and price. Marketing people decide fashion too, that creates demand and demand increases price and profit. Retro fashion is much cheaper and stylish and you can find it on Ebay, in charity shops and at jumble sales.

Feminism and Fighting Stereotypes on Wednesday was by Fairy Dharawat. We are obviously born male and female, but how much of our behaviour is dependant on gender. How much is nature and how much is nurture? Are girls born favouring pink? It’s interesting to look at different countries that have contrasting cultures and see what they have in common. The nature as opposed to nurture things would be the same even in remote places. If we found girls wearing pink flowers in their hair deep in the Amazon jungle, would that point to nature favouring pink? It all makes you think doesn’t it?

Photography: Bloody weather was one of my photography posts this week. I am hoping to take some photographs tomorrow, hopefully we will get a little sunshine.

Photography: Black Country pubs was my other post on Tuesday. I hope to photograph some more pubs this week. I have a list of pubs, but the weather isn’t too bright yet. Parking close by can be a problem too, so it’s better to try on a Sunday.  It will be Black Country Day in July  and many pubs will be celebrating. Personally I think we should have had Black Country week or even a fortnight; but people will celebrate when they like anyway.

Psychology: Anxiety and depression was my usual Monday post. We can all suffer traumatic events in our lives, especially with this government. This can make us anxious and when there is no way out of our problems our mood deepens. When the financial situation is so bad there is no possibility of paying off the debts or we have other insurmountable problems, we get depressed. I blame a lot of it on Iain Duncan Smith and the health service doesn’t seem to recognise that the incidence of depressive illness goes up when we have a Tory government.

The Sunday Ramble: small world was my ramble through whatever was on my mind on Sunday morning. I shall be writing another one tomorrow. The local elections saw one Tory get a seat on Sandwell Council and one UKIP candidate. The rest went to Labour. If the Tories and UKIP want to organise a picnic in a brewery they’ll have to form a coalition; even then they’d be a sandwich short…

That’s the it for this week. I’ll be writing my ramble in the morning and then if the sun comes out I’ll be out and about in the Black Country taking pictures. I think there is a fun run or something in Darlo… What do you think? Please use the comments box to share your thoughts. You can also follow me on Twitter


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