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The Sunday Ramble: Off with their heads!


Today’s picture is of the Walsall canal. It’s quite well known to the people of Walsall, because the art gallery is next to the canal. I doubt if many people have seen the more scenic parts of the canal though.  Beyond those trees on the other side of the canal is Moorcroft Wood and Moorcroft Pool.


I think the pollen count might be high today so I’ll try to stay away from the flowers. You can see lots of spring flowers now in the woods and along the canals. I don’t know what they are all called, but there will be lots of different ones. The buttercups and bluebells should be fairly common now.

Tiny elite, huge proletariat

“The really scary thing is if in the next 30 years house prices rise as much as they have done in the last 30 years, then the average house in Britain will cost £1.2 million (US$2 million),” said David Boyle, a British author and a government advisor who is a fellow of the New Economics Foundation.

Could the British middle classes be slowly wiped out? Many teenagers from middle class families are struggling now. Their parents and grandparents managed to buy their own homes and some wealth might trickle down from generation to generation, but the government seems intent on taking more and more in inheritance tax, at least from the middle classes. The rich will find a way around it. It seems London is now becoming the playground for the rich and the middle classes can’t even afford to drive a car there. The existing proletariat is being forced out of London by benefit cuts like the ‘bedroom tax’. Will the aspiring middle classes all join the ranks of the Bullingdon Boys and become wealthy and upper class? Not a chance, the grandchildren of today’s Conservative voters will live in rented homes owned by the upper classes and many of them know it. This is why there is a shift from the Conservatives to UKIP. Much of the pressure on our housing, education  and health services comes from immigration.

Tory lie 2

My local Conservative; there is only one on Sandwell Council, has a blog. Now you might think he is lying when he says the site DOES NOT use or send you cookies. In actual fact, he uses Blogspot and it does use cookies, note the warning at the top of the page. This Tory writes or complains about local parking, which he would like to be free. He doesn’t say how he would cope with the chaos free parking would bring or how long we could be allowed to park for free. There is a parking problem and there are sensible things that could be done. Having the housing office on the car park doesn’t help for example. He also has a thing about the cost of funerals.

It is difficult for the council to do anything right with this government, but they do some strange things. They say they are prioritising ‘front line’ services; but we are getting new leisure centres and a tea room at the crematorium. The Oak House in West Brom has had it’s barns refurnished. Much as I am a fan of the museums and the proper art galleries (not the Public), these are not ‘front line’ services.

Equality and inclusion

Labour have been trying to give us equality and social inclusion for years. If the Tories reduce 95% of the population to a cap doffing proletariat, they will have more of less done the job for them. All we will have to do then is have a French style revolution and with the aid of our European friends  get rid of the other 5%. The guillotine isn’t very very British though.  We need a hi-tech device. A high powered laser perhaps? Off with their heads!

What do you think? Please share your thoughts in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter. I will be taking photos this afternoon, so local people can watch out for me…


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