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Photography: weekend pictures

DSC_9866 (Copy)

The weather was a little better last weekend so I managed to get a few unusual pictures. These steps lead to the top of an aqueduct. The elderberry trees make it more interesting and natural. The canal goes over the road quite high up.

DSC_9875 (Copy)

They are changing the power cables and so have erected a net over the road.

DSC_9876 (Copy)

This picture is quite atmospheric, taken from almost underneath the net. I should have taken one from over the top too.

DSC_9863 (Copy)

This is the top of the aqueduct. It was cloudy on Friday so the light wasn’t great for these shots. You not only get bluish-grey cloud in the shots, but it’s also reflected on the water.

DSC_9950 (Copy)

It was better on Sunday. This bridge is across a lock. Notice there is more of it supported on this side than the other side. There is actually a gap on the other side.

DSC_9952 (Copy)

There were swans on the canal on Sunday and ducks on the tow path. That is quite unusual.

DSC_9989 (Copy)

The railway is behind the trees that line the canal tow path so I photographed the trains too.

What do you think of today’s pictures? Please share your views in the comments box. You can find my other pictures in a pub on Sunday on a Zillion Ideas. Remember, you can also follow me on Twitter too.


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