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Tipton Carnival postponed to tomorrow

DSC_9955 (Copy)

Tipton Carnival was to be today, but it’s been postponed until tomorrow because of the storm this morning. I might be able to photograph that now, it will be easier on Sunday afternoon. The weather forecast is also better for tomorrow.

The carnival is held in Jubilee Park (Powis Avenue). I don’t know that park too well, but there are entrances in Highfield Road too. I have to find somewhere to park the car tomorrow.  Local events are often covered by the newspaper, but not always publicised before the event. I’m trying to publicise events before and the publish photographs afterwards. I took some photos of a pub yesterday  again. I think the ones taken outside will be OK, but I’m not so sure about inside. I want to publicise local businesses; the Black Country needs more localisation and less globalisation.

Finance Friday: Contrarian Investments was my post on a Zillion Ideas yesterday. After I had posted that I decided to make another contrarian investment, this time it was a company called Graphene Nano, that produces high tech lubricants for industry. they have a new product out that should do well this year.

Thrifty Thursday: Bargains and deals was Thursday’s thrifty post. I need some AAA batteries for my speed light today. I might see what they have in Poundland later.

Monetize your blog was over on a Zillion Ideas on Wednesday. I’ve added some interesting adverts to my posts on there. I’m publicising Wednesbury Carnival and Black Country Day. I’ll also give free advertising to local businesses. If you have a blog you want to change to accept local advertising, email me and maybe I can help. We can also swap advertising space!

Photography: local promotions publicised a local pub and a Great Midland Fun Run participant too. Gale Nicholls ran 10 Km for charity. Those photos got some interesting comments when I sent them to China…

Photography: weekend pictures was my other photography post on Tuesday. That used my landscape pictures that I’m more used to taking. I’ll order a diffuser this week for my speed light to improve indoor photos of people, the flash is too harsh. I’ll also order a 300mm lens in time for Wednesbury Carnival.

Psychology: thoughts outside the box was my Monday psychology post. Britain is still struggling to cope with economic problems and so we all need to ‘think outside of the box’. We need innovation rather than tired old ideas. The problem is politicians have to stick to the party line or they are labelled rebels.  It seems UKIP are more individual and so did quite well in recent elections. Maybe the other parties need to listen to the electorate and allow new ideas to develop rather than stifling them. Although, in the Conservative Party any ideas need to be stifled at birth, especially any coming from IDS.

The Sunday Ramble: Off with their heads! was my usual Sunday ramble last week. That weekly post is getting more popular. It’s probably because I have such middle of the road political views. I am influenced a lot by what I read and I read a lot of papers written by students. Papers on sustainability and on corporate governance. The culture of greed we have seen in the past is coming to an end and the next generation of executives will understand the value of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibly). Perhaps they will value the environment and the world we live in more than today’s greed driven executives who think of nothing but profit and their own bonuses.

That’s it for today. I’ll be back tomorrow with another ramble through the lesser travelled regions of my mind… You can follow this blog and get emails when new posts are published. You can also follow a Zillion Ideas and even get free advertising. You can  follow me on Twitter too.


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