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Photography: Black Country landscapes

DSC_0206 (Copy)

The weather hasn’t been too good for landscape photography, but I took a few pictures this week. I was going to Tipton Carnival at the weekend, but I wasn’t well and so stayed at home. I would have got soaked anyway! You can find a lot of nice landscapes around the Black Country, you just have to pay attention.

DSC_0217 (Copy)

It was quite cloudy when I took these shots after the rain. I was trying to get all those flowers in the foreground and a long shot down the pool.

CSC_0111 (Copy)

I took this shot into the mirror, sitting in the car. I can edit in-camera and so I added a little fish-eye to the shot. It’s unusual!

DSC_0045 (Copy)

I had the camera set on ‘sport’ for this action shot of the geese. This type of shot is better when the water is clear. There was quite a lot of petals from flowers on the water and the dark sky was reflecting in the water too.

DSC_0135 (Copy)

In the Black Country, you can watch out for those railings that stop bikers from getting access to the canals. This is an Industrial estate, but if you know where to look you have access to the Black Country’s Industrial past along the canal.

DSC_0204 (Copy)

To get a shot like this you have to move slowly and quietly. The geese are very protective towards their young and had just had a fight with the swan.

Do you have a favourite picture this week? Please share your thoughts in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter. Check out this week’s post on a Zillion Ideas. I photographed a Black Country pub.

3 responses

  1. These are so cool, Mike! I especially like the picture taken in the side view mirror with the fish eye effect. You’re right, it’s unusual!

    But my favourite one this week is the second one. The colours of the clouds and water are very powerful. I also like how you framed the shot with the greenery of the grass, flowers and trees. That photo evokes a strong mood, which is so artistic!

    12, June 2014 at 12:44 am

    • Hi Carolyn,

      I liked the one with the truck on. I suppose I know what it looks like in real life though. For an industrial estate, there are great trees there. The canal is good too, but I never seem to get the light very good there. It would be much better in the morning, but I write in the morning!

      12, June 2014 at 4:11 pm

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