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Thrifty Thursday: Hunting down the bargains

The Aldi super-six this week are baby corn (135g), Romaine lettuce (2), oranges (5/6/7 pack), large vine tomatoes (500g), mushrooms (380g) and fun-size bananas(7). They are all 69p each and the offer lasts until the 18th of June.

Today’s special buys at Aldi include lots of useful power tools for decorating. There are fruit trees for 9.99 too. They might be worth thinking about if you have a family.

The special buys on Sunday include things for travel, like travel cases.

I bought a pack of lamb mince this week and made three shepherd’s pies. I ate one and put the other two in the freezer.


Poundland like Aldi tends to buy thing in and then when they’re gone they’re gone. I went in this week and they didn’t have a few things I wanted, not even a pack of rollerball or gel pens. No notebooks either. I did get some Duracell batteries, 2 for £1. They are 8 for £4 in the supermarket. I did have 100 plastic cups for a pound, they are useful when we’re out. It’s cheaper to take your own drinks than buy them when you’re out. You can fill 13 cups with a 2 litre bottle of soft drink. I checked!


Nikon are doing cash-back on a lot of their products. I usually avoid it like the plague, but decided to have a Nikon Speed light with cash-back. I had to copy the receipt and warranty and upload it to their website to claim. There was only an international warranty in the box, but they wanted a different one and refused to give me the cash back. Amazon offered to send me an email verifying that I had bought it from Amazon. In the end Amazon agreed to pay me the £30 cash-back and credit it to my credit card. That is a big FAIL for Nikon. I need a 300 mm lens now and I’m very reluctant to buy Nikon, but have no choice because it’s a Nikon camera. The price has gone up at Amazon too. I might buy the one without the VR it’s much cheaper now.


I like Matalan for clothes, but I am thinking about going to the Asda superstore and looking at theirs too. The George range are reasonable quality and they have some decent offers sometimes.


Amazon are now using their website to advertise other companies as well as fulfilling orders for other suppliers. I just clicked one of those adverts and found the lens I want for about £35 cheaper than Amazon. I’ve never heard of the company though. I think I can legally protect my purchase by using my credit card. If anything goes wrong I can claim against the credit card company. When you’re buying consumer electronics, check where the company is based, they might be sending the goods from Hong Kong and you could be charged extra for import duty or courier charges. I found this sentence on this companies website:

 We manage all customs clearance, import duties and sales taxes – meaning the price you see on the site is the final delivered price that will be charged to you.

So I should be OK. It’s still a good idea to use a credit card for purchases over £100.

Have you spotted any bargains? Please share in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter.


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