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The Review: Life is so complicated

1 Tameside 1

Today’s picture is of the River Tame. Those flowers are dying off now, but it always looks good in May. The Tame is the subject of a heritage project now and they need a volunteer to help.The application seemed a bit too complicated for a job where you don’t actually get paid.

This week one of the students I help with her English went for an interview for a job and found it was all commission and no basic pay. They advertised for graduates. They actually think a graduate with a Masters degree will work on the promise of a few quid if everything works out OK. It was a waste of time as many advertised jobs are these days. They make applicants jump through hoops preparing a cover letter and CV specially for each job and then the job is selling the unsellable to the totally gullible.

The less said about Friday the 13th the better. Gideon Osborne’s Mansion House speech went down well on the stock market. It was one of my worse days for a while.

Finance Friday: Investment peaks and troughs was yesterday’s post. Yesterday was obviously an investment trough. They say you can’t have a bad day on the stock market, because when the market is down you can pick up bargains. It is quite hard to buy when your portfolio is getting trashed. I suspect that was just panic though and so it should pick up this week. The hurray henries in the City of London tend to panic at the slightest thing…

Thrifty Thursday: hunting down the bargains was my Thursday post. I hunted down a 300mm lens for my camera and it was £50 cheaper than Amazon. I ordered it using my credit card just in case of problems.

Analogies, perceptions and phenomenon was Wednesday’s post.  That post was very philosophical…

Photography: The Horse and Jockey was a photography post on Tuesday.  That post used pictures from my shoot at the Horse and Jockey on the Walsall Road in Darlaston. Those shots weren’t great, but I will be going back to take more photos. The one of the pub might look good on their Facebook page…

Photography: Black Country landscapes was my other photography post on Tuesday. Those photos were taken just around Wednesbury.

Psychology: perceived superiority was my Monday psychology post. If you’re feeling a little inferior then that post might interest you.

The Sunday Ramble: Show time was my usual Sunday ramble through the inner recesses of my mind. I didn’t go to Tipton carnival after all, just as well it poured with rain. I’d have got soaked, caught pneumonia and  died an impoverished writer. Something like that anyway…

Anyway, I saw this job writing a weekly column. I could do that I thought… It turns out that it’s a competition and I’ll be competing against hundreds of other entrants. I can do that… I’ll log in. Where’s the bloody job gone now? Now I have to fill in an application form and write a 500 word example and a couple of pitches for future articles. Upload a photo and build a portfolio. It’s all too complicated and then it could all be for nothing.

Anyway, getting a job for Fei, the student with the degree in business administration and who is about to graduate with a Master’s in International Business is more important. So if you know of a job, let me know. She would be a good employee for a West Midlands company wanting to do business in China, because she is Chinese and speaks fluent Mandarin; but she will consider any job; anywhere.

Please comment and share you views or you can send me an email. You can also follow me on twitter for updates. It should be easier to get a job than this. Life is so complicated…


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