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Photography: A grey weekend

Sandwell Valley

Swans on Swan Pool, Sandwell Valley Country Park

When it’s not raining we still seem to have grey skies. It’s the summer solstice on Friday and so maybe things will improve with the coming of summer. This picture shows clearly how the grey sky reflects on water and makes that grey too.

The white swans reflected some light and made it an interesting picture. That was Swan Pool in Sandwell Valley, West Bromwich; here in the Black Country.

The Bridle Way bridge - Sandwell Valley Country Park

It was dark under this bridge, so I used my speed light (flash) to light it up quite effectively. It’s a shame about the litter and graffiti.

Cyclist on the trail through Sandwell Valley Country Park

They built a new cycle trail through Sandwell Country Park not long ago. It looks challenging. People can hire bikes too and they even had a tandem there this weekend. This was by Swan Pool.

All Saints Church - Moxley - Black Country

The photographs this weekend were disappointing because of the light, but I did do this artistic edit of a photograph of a church. This is All Saints Church in Moxley (in the Black Country).

Brunswick Park Wednesbury Skate boarding

I nearly forgot that I took pictures in the park when it was sunny last week. This is better!

Brunswick Park - Wednesbury in the Black Country -  June 2014

This is where we will have the carnival on the 12th of July. I should get some good photos, if the sun’s shining like this. It was hot and sunny last year.

Which picture do you like this week? Please use the comments box to share your views. You can also follow me on Twitter.

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