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Thrifty Thursday: Shopping for bargains

A picture of an Aldi store


The Aldi super-six this week are radishes (300g), button mushrooms (200g), snack pack grapes (170g), carrots (1 Kg), Jersey Royal new potatoes (450g) and cherry tomatoes (300g). They are all 49p and the offer lasts until Wednesday 2nd July.

The super six meat offers include British Buffalo wings. They look like chicken wings to me, but can’t be, not at 4.15 a kilo!

Today’s special buys includes a wildlife camera, lots of bed linen and lots of gardening tools. The mattress protectors are what I need, I’ll check those out.

I went to Aldi earlier in the week and they had one pop up gazebo, they were supposed to be on offer a couple of weeks ago. I decided not to bother. I do need some garden chairs though. I went to B&Q yesterday, but I think I’ll have to order some from Amazon.

The Sunday special buys include a badminton set and a baseball set.

The economy in the UK is still very competitive and so retailers are making cuts to staff and trying to economise where they can. I have bought a lot of camera equipment recently and saved by shopping around, but you have to be careful that what you’re buying is really as good as it first seems. I took delivery of a lens yesterday that is usually well over £200, but I shopped around and got it for less than £150.  It is the genuine lens, but I have seen some that are a replacement by another manufacturer and so not as good.


I need some chairs that are comfortable and very light. I have to carry one around the carnival with me. These at Amazon are 2Kg (boxed weight), so might be suitable. I read the reviews and the good reviews mentioned they were light, but bad reviews complained about the stitching. I think bad stitching could affect just the odd chairs and so that’s the luck of the draw. I can’t find comparable ones anywhere else at that price. Reviews aren’t always accurate, they tend to come from the minority that have something to complain about.


I want to buy this tee shirt when I finally get around to going to Matalan. I like something a little different from what everyone else is wearing… The summer hats are good at Matalan too.

Have you spotted a bargain? Please share you find in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter.

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