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The Review: first day of summer

flowers on the brambles

It’s the first day of summer here in the UK and we can now enjoy three months of mowing the lawn, washing the car and trying to get a bit of a tan. People will be getting their summer clothes out; the shorts and the tee shirts. There will be some sights out there to photograph in the coming weeks!


I’ve got a new telephoto lens for my camera so I’ll be out this summer doing a paparazzi and it won’t be just celebrities I’ll be pointing my camera at! I’m looking forward to taking some photos at the carnivals and maybe other events.

Finance Friday: What recovery? was my post yesterday.  What do you think? Are you better off than you were under a Labour government? Is the economy really recovering in the UK? All I see is rising prices, extortionate fuel bills and rhetoric from politicians who seem out of touch and clueless…

Thrifty Thursday: Hunting down the bargains was yesterday’s post. Yes, we’re all swapping to discount supermarkets and looking to cut the bills. Will gas and electricity go up for next winter again?

Want to write for a Zillion Ideas? was my post on Wednesday.  Lots of people want to learn to write, it comes in useful for doing CV’s, emails, letters and can be useful if you’re studying or working. If you would like to learn to write better, why not try writing for a Zillion Ideas. I’ll edit what you write and advise on making it better. Just write 500 words about something you know something about. You can even add photos.

Photography: bad light at events was my first photography post on Tuesday. The constant rain clouds and rain does make it difficult to take photos, particularly at events like carnivals. Hopefully, now summer is here the weather will improve. Besides a telephoto lens, I’ve now got a diffuser for my speed light, so indoor photos will be better too.

Photography: a grey weekend was here on WordPress. I think this weekend will be cloudy too, but maybe not quite so grey. I’ll be out tomorrow taking more photos anyway!

Psychology: comfort zones was Monday’s psychology post. We all like our comfort zones, but they can be restrictive. So why not create more of them? Some people have holiday homes as a home away from home, or go to the same place every year where they feel comfortable for their holidays. There is nothing wrong with that.

The Sunday Ramble: Black Country Day was my usually Sunday saunter through the dark recesses of my mind. It’s not long now to Black Country Day and the carnival. We need three weeks of glorious sunshine to dry everything out and stop my lawn growing.

The weather forecast for this weekend if cloudy again, but warm. I’ll be writing my Sunday ramble again tomorrow, cooking Sunday lunch and then I’ll be out and about taking photos again in the afternoon. I have no idea where I’ll go, that is what I like; the freedom to go where I want, when I want.

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