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The Review: Birmingham floating market

Narrowboats floating market at Walsall


Last weekend I photographed the narrow-boats at Waterside Place in Walsall. This weekend they are in Birmingham doing a floating market.  Try to take a look at that this weekend, you could even take your camera!

That’s taking place on the 27 – 29 June along the tow-path near the National Indoor Arena, the three day event is expected to be real hub of activity with 24 trade boats selling everything from books, cheeses, handicraft, fashion and a whole variety of food.

I also wrote a few articles this week, as usual:

Finance Friday: preparing for the future was yesterday’s finance post. We all hope that the economy will improve, but it seems most people are in debt to the banks, building societies, pay-day loan companies or even the local loan shark.

Thrifty Thursday: thrifty savings was my Thursday post encouraging shopping around and penny pinching.  I researched motor insurance this week as well and I will be changing mine this year. I can half the cost and the amazing thing is, it will be with the same company!

Lazy Days of a Black Country summer was Wednesday’s effort. It’s dull and overcast today, but we are looking forward to the Black Country Festival. It looks like it’ll last all through July now!

Photography: In the Black Country featured my narrow-boat photos from last Sunday. I’ll be out again tomorrow with a bit of luck…

Photography: Black Country weekend photos was here on WordPress and featured more photos from last Sunday taken in Walsall and in Sandwell Valley.

Life: Colourful or grey? was Monday’s post over on a Zillion Ideas. I usually write about psychology on a Monday, but I replaced it with life in general.

The Sunday Ramble: enjoying summer was my ramble through the inner recesses of my mind last Sunday before I  went to Walsall. I’ll be rambling on again tomorrow and hopefully I’ll be out tomorrow afternoon taking photos again. I have some pubs I want to photograph soon so I can do a post on Black Country pubs. I also want to try out my new 300mm lens photographing wildlife. I think Sandwell Valley might be a good place to do that.

If you would like to try writing an article for a Zillion Ideas, you can just send it in and I’ll check it over. As long as it’s not complete crap, I’ll edit it and publish it. You might be able to use an article to publicise something. You can also advertise on a Zillion Ideas now. Be nice and you might even get a free advert! The adverts must fit in with the look of the whole site and would normally be a photo with overlaid text. No advertising anything dodgy either! Adverts can be linked to your website, Facebook page or even your Twitter profile.

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