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The Review: Black Country Festival

Wednesbury Carnival 2013

Here in the Black Country events are being held on the run up to Black Country Day. Today there will be an event at West Bromwich Manor House and they have stocked the bar! They have even gorra Ukulele Band! Dow miss that!

Black Country

Black Country Day is on Monday the 14th of July and there will be lots of events in Dudley that day. On the 12th we have the Carnival in Wednesbury and Darlaston will have it’s Party in the Park. The Party in the Park runs for 3 days from Friday to Sunday with most things on the Saturday. I’ll try to photograph some of the goings on up Darlo and I’ll be at Wednesbury Carnival on Saturday too.

Finance Friday: Related Investments was my post on a Zillion Ideas yesterday. Now with the New ISA allowance at £15,000 a year, it’s good time to invest a few quid…

Thrifty Thursday: Summer bargains was my Thursday thrifty post. We always need to shop around and save a few quid. I didn’t go to the supermarket last week. I’ll have to go this week and get some treats in for the weekend. I’ll be popping up to Teddy Gray’s anall.

Random thoughts was Wednesday’s post. I can’t write something great everyday, but some people like my random posts the best. I tend to ramble on when I write the Sunday Ramble.

Photography: Planning for an event was one of my Tuesday posts and featured photos I have taken using the 300mm lens. I need more practice with that lens, because I want to use it at the carnival.

Photography: Black Country structures was my other Tuesday photography post and the bridge featured in that is a shot of a footbridge over the Black Country New Road (near the Asda), in case you didn’t recognise it.

Life: Choosing the best we do was Monday’s post. We have to try to do our best. Don’t we? I have noticed a drop in standards, maybe we need the government to set a good example and stop picking on the weakest and most vulnerable in society? Remember the good ole days? We would have had a parade of vehicles through the streets for the carnival, now it’s all health and safety. There were words we couldn’t use when I was a kid, because they were offensive to women. Now they use those words on television; but we can’t use words that might offend ‘gay’ people or ‘black’ people. Bleedin’ell as we say in the Black Country…

The Sunday Ramble: Onny in the Black Country was my ramble through the lesser known pathways of my mind last Sunday morning. That was quite humorous. They have decided against those parking charges in Sandwell Valley now. I suspect it was me pointing out that Ed Miliband wouldn’t like it, not right before his general election.

The weather isn’t very good in the Black Country. it’s a bit chilly and it rained last night, but the forecast is for sunshine and a bit of cloud tomorrow. The Oak House in West Bromwich has a do on tomorrow. There isn’t any places to park there, so park at the school in Lodge Road. They’re going to use their playground as a car park for that event. They’ve spent a fortune doing the old barns up. It’s nice to see them spending money on ‘front line’ services…  It seems councils in the Black Country won’t be entering Britain in Bloom next year. What a bleedin’  shame. I think if it was organised using volunteers and local gardeners and didn’t use precious council money, it would be a good idea. I get the impression that local councillors want the Black Country to look awful though. Many of the eyesores are caused by council action. I think the roads are horrible with speed humps everywhere, they’re also patchwork after they have finished extending curbs out into the road and putting the humps down. It looks a mess. In their leafy streets, they probably have trees…

I’ll be back tomorrow, writing another Sunday Ramble a my lunch cooks. In the meantime, please share your thoughts in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter.


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