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The Review: Carnival Day

Yes, it carnival day in Wednesbury! This is part of the Black Country Festival and there are events right across the Black Country. It’s the Wolverhampton City Show all weekend. West Bromwich and Great Bridge have events and Darlaston has it’s Party in the Park all weekend too. It’s gonna be bostin’…

No, I’m not writing this on Carnival Day, I’m using the miracle of technology to schedule the post in advance! I will be doing my best to take photos at the Carnival and I hope to get to the Party in the Park too.

Finance Friday: rich and poor was yesterday’s post. There’s aren’t too many rich people in the Black Country, but we have other riches; like our sense of humour. It’s also a place where we make people welcome, it’s very diverse.

Thrifty Thursday: austere shopping was my usual Thursday post. Austerity is still affecting us all, so we have to shop around and save money. I’m not too posh to shop at Poundland…

Black Country Festival 2014 was my Wednesday post. I  know, I’m publicising this a bit! I hope I’m not boring my readers overseas. I don’t think so though. I was very surprised to see even more overseas readers this week as well as a flood of local readers.

Photography: Horse owners of Tipton featured my photographs of the event on Sunday. That was my most popular post, but not just with local readers. It attracted readers from around the world and as far away as Hong Kong.

Photography: Black Country Events continued that theme with more pictures from Sunday. I even made a little video about that event. I forget that my camera shoots video, but I’ll try to shoot some video at the carnival, especially if the sun comes out.

Life: Keeping busy was Monday’s post. That was a short post, but I wasn’t too keen on writing anything on Monday morning! I can at least be honest and say I have off days!

The Sunday Ramble: Black Country aye it was more Black Country stuff.  That was actually quite funny and my leg did get better. I walked around on Sunday afternoon without a twinge, but it was bad again after carrying a bag of compost. I’m going to resist the urge to carry anything heavier than my camera for a while…

I’ll be back tomorrow with another Sunday ramble and maybe a carnival picture. I might be going up Darlo again tomorrow, the Party in the Park will still be on!

Please comment if you have something to say and if you’re in the Black Country enjoy the festivities. It’s Black Country Day on Monday. I know, it should be a public holiday… You can also follow me on Twitter.

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