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Photography: Wednesbury Carnival

SSAFA at Wednesbury Carnival

Wednesbury Carnival

I photographed Wednesbury Carnival on Saturday and although the weather was good, it is still difficult taking photos in really bright sunlight. I tried to do a lot of close up shots and some general shots to show what the carnival was like.

Mickey and Minnie

You can see the gazebos in this picture and they were all different colours. It was much better to photograph people outside rather than under the gazebos. The green gazebos tended to give people green faces!

Wednesbury Carnival

Getting people in the foreground and the carnival in the background tends to show what was happening, but makes the picture a little more interesting.

Wednesbury Carnival

I wasn’t very happy with these photos, but I think the best ones were the close up ones of people and the fairground rides.

DSC_1770 (Copy)

With landscape photography you can choose to shoot away from the sun and take your time on individual shots. With an event you take the shots as they present themselves in different directions. This shot of the crowds, has lots of colour and interest.

DSC_1872 (Copy)

On a shot like this it’s a good idea to zoom in and capture the action. I used the sports setting for most of these shots because it’s fast and captures the movement and the action.

There are more carnival pictures on my Facebook page. You can also comment or follow me on Twitter.


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