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The Review: Stormy weather

Wednesbury Carnival

We were lucky last week with the weather for the carnival and Black Country Day. It was sunny and warm all day on Saturday. This week we have stormy weather, that looks set to continue overnight.

The Black Country Festival caused a little controversy. Some idiot in Dudley brought up the idea of the Black Country being absorbed into Greater Birmingham again. The Black Country is different, we have a different culture and we still have some industry left. The local government reorganisation of the 70’s was a disaster for the Black Country. It was great for the council workers and councillors, but terrible for the people of Wednesbury who found themselves governed by people in Oldbury and the people of Darlaston were governed from Walsall. The mayor of Walsall is also against a Greater Birmingham union. To make matters worse Cameron and Osborne tried to get in on the act. Have you seen the artists impression of the new Metro hospital they want to build in Smethwick? It looks like a bloody space ship… Stupid people…

Finance Friday: Another Banking investigation? was yesterday’s article on a Zillion Ideas. I think the whole economic system needs an investigation, we’re back to the King in his castle counting his money while the poor starve outside…

Thrifty Thursday: saving money was a few ideas to save money. I picked my first runner beans yesterday, that will save me a few quid. Fresh vegetables from the garden taste so much nicer too.


What do you think? They were delicious! Today’s rain will do them good too…

Come back Robin Hood was Wednesday’s creative post. We need a new leader to lead the people against a wicked British government, but I suppose people in every country of the world might say the same about their governments.

Photography: Carnival Time used some photos from last Saturday. You can see some from Darlaston’s Party in the Park on that post.

Photography: Wednesbury Carnival used photos from Wednesbury Carnival. I think the close up shots were the best. You can see more of those Carnival pictures on Facebook.

Black Country Day was on Monday, but I didn’t see any events in Wednesbury that day. It’s early days, maybe next year there will be more events and celebrations.

The Black Country Festival was my Sunday ramble through the lesser travelled recesses of my mind. I shall be writing another one tomorrow.

That was this week and now I have stormy weather to look forward to. I think it might clear up by tomorrow afternoon and so I’m thinking about a Sunday afternoon of photography using my 300mm lens to take shots of wildlife. Something like this:

I might even get a shot of something more exotic. What do you think? Please share your thoughts in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter.

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