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Photography: Out in the Black Country

The River Tame

On Sunday we went out in the wilds of the Black Country. This is Sandwell Valley Country Park and the canalised section of the River Tame. I was using my 300mm telephoto lens which gave me the opportunity to zoom in on subjects.

Cyclists in Sandwell Valley

I’m using a Nikon D3200 that I bought last year with a 18 – 55mm lens. The 300mm lens is obviously better quality than the 55mm lens, but being 55 – 300mm doesn’t zoom out as much as I would like. So my next camera equipment purchase will probably be a 18 – 105mm or a 18 – 200mm lens.

Swan and signet on Forge Mill lake

The 300mm lens is good for wildlife. You can zoom in on a subject from some distance away. This was Forge Mill Lake in Sandwell Valley Country Park.

Sandwell Valley

Photographs tell a story and the story here is simply one of enjoying a sunny afternoon. That could be walking, cycling, horse riding or walking the dog; they all coexist on this bridleway.

River Tame

This is an interesting shot and easy with a 300mm lens. The river is quite shallow now, but it’s wise to still be careful, especially with young children.

Swan Pool

I think this was my best photo of the afternoon. This is Swan Pool in Sandwell Valley Country Park. It not only shows the pool and the swans, but I think the man and his dog makes the picture a lot more interesting.

You can double click these pictures for a larger image that can be seen more clearly. In that last picture you can see the creases in the man’s clothing. That’s quite a sharp image in the foreground.

Which picture do you like? Please share your views in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter.


4 responses

  1. Hi Mike, Wow I can tell the difference with your new lens. Very cool!

    My favourite photo this week is of the swan and the duckling. That photo reminds me of the Ugly Duckling story. The composition of the photo is serene with the swan in front and the duckling behind. I also like the light on the ripples in the water.

    My only wish is that the reflection of the birds in the water was part of the picture.

    22, July 2014 at 8:36 pm

    • Hi Carolyn,

      Yes, the new lens is better quality, I think and I can zoom in on people and wildlife. I would like a 15 – 200 or 15 – 105 mm lens though. It’s never ending, I always want more!

      The reflection of the birds on the water works sometimes and other times it looks a little weird. If the water is still it can work. Ripples distorts the reflection. I’ve just started noticing them and sometimes the reflection even means you can see the bottom of the lake if it’s shallow.

      I shall be over to you latest post soon, because it’s about Facebook and I have a question!

      23, July 2014 at 2:31 pm

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