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Thrifty Thursday: summer bargains

The Aldi super-six this week are courgettes (500g), salad potatoes (1Kg), nectarines (4/5), cocktail vine tomatoes (250g), cauliflower and chestnut mushrooms (250g). They are all 69p each. That offer ends on the 30th July.


The super-six meat offers includes duck breast fillets for £4.79. I would like to try those, I’ll see if my local Aldi has some later.

Today’s special buys are mostly children’s clothes, but there are some bargains for horse riders and other offers like stain remover.

The Sunday special buys are mostly things to keep the kids amused during the summer holiday. The paddling pool looks cool…

A lot of the special buys today are school wear and although it’s a while before they go back to school, those bargains could save families a little money.


Tesco have offers on beef burgers and barbecue stuff. I don’t like those offers, it’s ok if you’re having a barbecue for all the family and can buy three packs for £10, but most people are struggling. This is why they are going to discount supermarkets like Aldi, who might have less choice, but recognise the problems that their customers have. Besides, I still have a bit between my teeth from the last Tesco burger…


Lidl have lots of offers too, but they tend to be specific to certain stores. Check the website and see what is available locally. They have lots of car care products at my local Lidl this weekend and a wet and dry vacuum cleaner.


Asda has offers too, but nothing very tempting. Like Tesco, they are doing fancy beef burgers, 2 packs for a fiver. Many people want value beef burgers, because their living standards have dropped. There is a good choice at Asda and Tesco, but they aren’t listening to the customers. The customers want less choice and bargains. Older people living alone want single packs tailored to them, Get the message Asda and Tesco, older people hate wasting food, they want individual portions and they want value.


I can’t check Morrison’s offers on their website, but they are doing lots of offers on the fruit and veg. My local Morrison’s does offers on bread and cooked food close to closing time on a Sunday too. Their car park is owned by the council I think. They charge for parking and if you forget, you get a ticket…

runner beans

You can’t beat growing your own. I shall probably pick beans from now to September and could pick as much as £50 worth or even more. It’s worth buying the seeds and compost. I used meat trays to germinate the seeds and put them on the windowsill. I have potatoes growing too. The tomato plants will soon have tomatoes on them and the lettuces are doing well too.

How are you saving money? Have you spotted any bargains? Please share your ideas in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter.


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