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Applying for a job  online can be quite a complicated process. You are often asked to upload documents such as a C.V. (resume) and a covering letter.

C. V. or resume

These documents should be prepared in advance. The CV or resume should be quite plain and simple, no fancy graphics, but a photograph of you (headshot) can be a good idea. Use a standard font like Times Roman or Calibri at 12 points. Begin with your name and address and other details. Make sure contact details are included such as your telephone numbers and email address.

The next section can be the history of you education beginning with the most recent. A modern C.V. can include an introduction before the education. This should be a brief introduction telling them something about you. Keep it to the point and relevant.


The education section should be your education beginning with the most recent and going back to High School. Include dates and places and list courses and qualifications obtained. A brief explanation of any anomalies would be useful. Remember that documents like these are now analysed by computers looking for the correct order and for keywords. Keywords would include those used for qualifications, for example ‘graduate’ would be a keyword. 


The next section details your employment history and should include all employment experience such as full time, part time and voluntary employment. Again this should begin with the most recent and list all your employment in reserve order going back in time.


An employer can tell a lot about a person from their interests. There isn’t any need to go into detail, but you might want to come across as a person who likes to keep fit and healthy rather than a couch potato. Sports are good interests to list, watching television isn’t. Playing a musical instrument is a good interest to list, listening to music isn’t a good interest unless it shows some interest in culture. Similarly, an interest in art or history could give the impression that you are interested in culture.

Cover letter

Writing your cover letter is important. You can write one in advance and then tailor it to the specific position. Treat it as an exercise in diplomacy, be positive and be tactful. Try to relate your aspirations as well as your qualities. Be confident, but not arrogant. Avoid the usual buzz words, don’t describe yourself as a dynamic go-getter. Try to be honest, honesty is usually admired and if it isn’t the job isn’t worth having anyway. Confidence can be combined with humility. Try to explain why your want the job and why you think your would be good at it. If you have a cover letter prepared it can be tailored to the specific position and addressed to the appropriate person.


The application website might ask a lot of questions, then have buttons to upload your C.V. and then in another step upload your covering letter. A button will appear that you click and then select the folder where your documents are to select them for upload.

Check your email for confirmation of your application sometime later and keep checking your email for further communication and prepare for a possible interview.

Good luck… If you have questions about today’s article or comments, please leave them in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter.


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