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The Review: Darlaston Culture

DSC_0295 (Copy)

I had an interesting week. Royal Bank of Scotland reported that their profits had doubled in the first quarter which made me a little money and the government lots of money, as a major shareholder. I also reviewed a little art exhibition in Darlaston library. This photo doesn’t do the picture justice.

A library isn’t the ideal place for an art exhibition, but the art galleries think local artists ‘aren’t good enough’. This City Canal scene is by Colin Chessington, who I met in the library. Maybe if local galleries took more of an interest in local artists this would motivate them to produce better works, although this one isn’t a bad effort.

Online job applications was my post yesterday. That might be an interesting read if you’re looking for a job. Many people are in Darlo…

Thrifty Thursday: Summer Bargains was this week’s thrifty post. We have to keep trying to save money, while the government sorts itself out…

Photography: Sandwell Country Park was my Tuesday photography post on a Zillion Ideas.

Photography: Out in the Black Country was here on WordPress.

Because they are worth it was my usual Sunday ramble. That looked at excessive pay and the Chief of West Midlands ambulance service in particular. Since I wrote that it’s emerged that he has also been staying in luxury hotels at tax payers expense too.

I didn’t do so many posts this week, because I’m having problems posting on A Zillion Ideas. The site is working, it’s just posting new content that is difficult.

I also took photos in a couple of pubs this week. I popped into the Horse and Jockey in Darlaston, unfortunately those photos are very slightly blurred because I knocked the autofocus switch on  my camera. They have a barbecue tomorrow, drop in if you’re in Darlo. I also took some photos at the Northern Soul night at the Vine, I hope they will be alright; I haven’t checked them yet. So it was quite a cultural week in Darlo this week. I shall probably be headed in that direction tomorrow, but first I’ll write my Sunday ramble, which I think could be about art this week…

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