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The Sunday Ramble: Facebook culture

Lindesfarne - early morning

I reviewed a little art exhibition in Darlaston this week. I found out about these exhibitions from my Facebook friend who started an art group on Facebook.

I have reviewed an exhibition at the request of a wealth management company and so I have some experience.  This was difficult because it was in Darlaston library, which isn’t the ideal place for an art exhibition. It seems they aren’t good enough for one of the local galleries. These artists even though they might be amateurs are still passionate about what they do. They deserve the opportunity to enter an ‘open’ summer exhibition at a local gallery.  The photo is of Graham Soden’s work ‘Lindesfarne – early morning’.

All of my Facebook friends seem passionate about something, but they need to be inspired, motivated and encouraged. Dodo Newman is an artist admired by royalty and she has been welcoming guests recently to her Berlin studio, she is known as the inspirationaliste.

Another Facebook friend is Fabienne Payet, the Belgian actress. She started a Facebook group this week to support people who want to ‘follow their dreams’. Being passionate about something is following your dreams, even if we have to forget our passions and dreams to cope with the realities of life much of the time. We have to do the mundane things, like cleaning, shopping and making a living. If you can follow your dreams and make a living from it; that is probably the definition of success. 

They might say people who are passionate about something are a bit crazy. I often think that about people who go on about animals like their dogs and cats. Sometimes the animals are even virtual Farmville animals! Maybe, my friends who are passionate about Farmville need to get out more…

I have photographed the local horse owners and trotting enthusiasts a few times now. They have become friends on Facebook too. That might seem a crazy passion to have to some people, but it’s a social passion. Life is about relationships with other people and some people would say with animals too.

All these different passions come from different cultures. My Facebook friends are all from different cultures and different races. I find it fascinating. We all grow up in different places, experiencing different culture, but under the skin we are very similar. We have the same strengths, the same weaknesses and the same dreams.

Some of my Facebook friends are Chinese, one travelled 5000 km to come and study at my local university and will soon graduate with a Master’s degree in International Business Management. Another will begin studying for her bachelor degree and embank on a new adventure away from her family. They too are following their dreams and taking risks to do so.

Perhaps that is what all my Facebook friends have in common? They are all from different cultures, but are all risk takers? Many of them are writers and authors and not only write books, but publish and promote them too. M. J. Webb wrote the Jake West trilogy, he won’t mind me mentioning him and his Facebook page! I suppose when you write anything, you are taking a risk; because you do risk your reputation.

Creating something or following your dreams also gives you some self esteem and although the disappointments can be crushing, the highs of seeing your dreams come true is often worth it.

One of my Facebook friends  runs the History of Wednesbury page on Facebook, another runs a charity for children with cancer and some of them are passionate about disability issues. Some of my Facebook friends are passionate about music and things I know nothing about like soccer or is that football?

Facebook seems to blend all these different cultures together, it’s like a melting pot. I do find some of my Facebook friends difficult to describe, but very few of them seem boring. I’ve only had two people de-friend me so far, but they sent the friend requests in the first place. I don’t always know why I get friend requests, perhaps they think I’m just as weird as they are?

What do you think? Have your say in the comments box. I’m planning on taking photos this afternoon, smile if I point the camera at you… You can also follow me on Twitter.


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