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Life: Monday morning…

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I was out taking photographs yesterday afternoon. Today I’m back to writing about it. There’s something about Monday’s that I don’t like. I suppose it’s human nature to keep busy and to enjoy life. Monday is more like work…

Today is supposed to be the best day to publish a post if you’re a blogger. More people read blogs on a Monday. I think it’s probably people who work in offices, who have nothing better to do and are putting off doing any real work. I think Facebook and social media tend to be more popular on a Monday morning as people check to see if their friends had a better time than them over the weekend…

I didn’t go far over the weekend.  I can’t imagine many worse things than getting stuck on a motorway in a heat wave for hours while the emergency services sort out some accident or broken down vehicle. People are being advised to take drinks with them on long journeys. That is good advice because it will stop them getting dehydrated, but what goes in tends to want to come out again. That can be a problem when you’re stuck on a motorway for hours… I can remember when the advice was to drive past accidents without slowing down to look at them on motorways, now people can’t drive past because the whole motorway gets closed.

I read how many people are travelling by air at any one time. I forget how many, but it was a huge number. Where do they all go? It seems some people spend their whole lives travelling the world trying to sell stuff, going on holiday and on business. Is all this travel really worth it? I’ve seen representatives queuing in doctors surgeries trying to sell them something and even giving them expensive free gifts like televisions to persuade them to try a product. Can’t these sales people use telephones? I use Skype a lot, mainly because it’s free…

They’ve had a nude body painting event in New York. I can imagine that happening here. There would be no shortage of canvas. You don’t see many anorexics around Darlo… It would give me something interesting to photograph. I’m going to try to photograph a charity bike ride in a few weeks time, that will interesting if all the Lycra comes out for an airing…

runner beans

I don’t feel like doing very much this morning. I think I’ll wander down the garden and pick my runner beans. I’m saving money now by growing my own. I’ll have tomatoes and lettuces soon!

What do you think? Are you enjoying Monday? Please share your thoughts in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter.

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