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Black Country photos

1 Northern Soul

I’ve been busy taking photos this week, but the weather has been better. On Friday I reviewed a art exhibition in Darlaston and managed to photograph Jays Disco at the Vine too. I didn’t even know what Northern Soul was, but I like it!

I went to Darlo (Darlaston) again on Sunday, to the Frying Pan where the horse owners and trotting enthusiasts gather on a Sunday afternoon.

Bar Staff at the Frying Pan

This shot of the bar staff at the Frying Pan was very popular, but out of about 4 shots this was the only one that I could use. Apart from trying to get the lighting right with a speed light and the focusing, those ridiculously high beer pulls were a problem!

DSC_0152 (Copy)

The main problem with this shot was the fact that I’m tall and they were low down. It would have been better if I had crouched down to the same level, but getting back up could have been a problem!

Megan Crammond at the Frying Pan

Close ups can be good at an event and I didn’t need to crouch for this picture because they were higher up than me!

At the Frying Pan, Darlaston

I was able to capture interesting facial expressions using multiple shots and a fast shutter speed.

7 edit

Some of the photos were suitable for artistic edits. Photos of children can be made monochrome and colourised slightly pink.

DSC_0166 (Copy)

I took this yesterday. I moved the camera to follow the bird as it past by. You get the bird with a fast speed with a blurred background. I used a 300mm lens and had the camera set for a large photo so I could crop the photo and get the bird centred.

I use Windows Live Writer to write my articles, it’s connecting to WordPress, but not to to A Zillion Ideas. It tries to connect to the API and then the server disconnects.  So I’ll be posting less on there for a while and more on WordPress, until the hosting company decides to help sort the problem out.

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2 responses

  1. Hi Mike, Wow, what wonderful pictures. You really captured the emotions of the people in the photos.

    I love the picture of the mother kissing the daughter, and the expression on the girl’s face!

    But my favourite photo this week is the one of the bird in flight. Wow! The blurred foliage in the background highlights what a difficult shot this was.

    Could you copy and paste your drafts from Windows Live to WordPress?

    30, July 2014 at 8:55 pm

    • Hi Carolyn,

      I like that picture too. I don’t think it was a mother and daughter though. I saw a photo of the older one on Facebook later wearing her school uniform…

      I took a few shots of the birds, it is hard with a telephoto lens and a moving camera. I got a shot of a heron too.

      Windows Live is working now. It’s quick for sizing photos and adding the alt tag etc. It adds the copyright notice when I remember too. i did another post on a Zillion Ideas with photos of the pubs!

      30, July 2014 at 9:20 pm

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