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Thrifty Thursday: Deflation?

The Aldi super-six this week are peaches (4/5), large vine tomatoes (500g), snack pack grapes (170g), green beans (220g), plums (500g) and baking potatoes (4 pack). They are all 69p and the offer ends on the 13th August.


The special buys for today includes lots of vintage styled items like cushions and there are children’s items too.  Also on offer today are Asian foods, I’ve tried the stir fry sauces (49p); they are really good.

Sunday’s special buys will be popular here in the Black Country because fishing is a popular sport. The cool bag is good for just £7.99.

The Back to School clothes have been very popular at Aldi and selling out at some stores. Watch for those events and get the bargains!

Check the ‘while stocks last items’ too.  I had some of those re-chargeable AAA batteries last week for my Speedlight.


Fashionable clothes seem to be out of favour now as people look to more individual styles. You can do this on a budget by looking around markets and charity shops for classic styles and retro clothing. I need to look a little different if I’m photographing an event and so I wore my trilby from Matalan and a lily white grandad tee shirt from Amazon at the weekend. I was going to wear light coloured ‘Henley’s’, but decided on Wrangler jeans instead. You can have virtually exclusive designs on a  budget if you avoid the latest fashions and shop around.


Because people are saving their money by shopping around, central banks are worried about prices falling rather than rising slowly. Competition in some areas is getting fierce and it’s worth delaying buying expensive items as prices fall. Prices that aren’t dropping are the ones where the big suppliers have a virtual monopoly such as in the energy market. I have to renew my contract soon and the ‘estimate’ for my usage is about 40% higher than it should be. This is so they can set my direct debit high and I’ll end up hundreds of pounds in credit again. My monthly direct debit is set to rise by 50%. I’m so pleased the government has taken action to stop energy companies ripping us off!


There are lots of flowers on my runner beans and one of my tomato plants has flowers. I think it’s been a little too warm and dry for the runner beans, so I’ll have to try to water them. I’m picking enough beans for me, but I expected to have a surplus. It’s saving me a little money though.

Have you spotted a bargain? Please share it with a comment. You can also follow me on Twitter.


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