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The Review: New ideas

A Heron in Wednesbury

I read an idea this morning to improve local tourism and my initial reaction was not another daft idea. We don’t need tourism in the Black Country, we need people to travel less in the UK as a whole. It got me thinking though.

I checked the population of Wednesbury where I live and it’s 28,000 adults. If every one of them spent just £10 more a week in local shops that would boost the local economy quite a lot. They would have to spend £10 a week less buying from multinationals in order to do it. My other thought was, that local employers could try to pay their employees just a little bit more to boost the local economy too. More support for local businesses would help too. Wouldn’t it be better than lots of tourists making our traffic jams even worse? Just a thought…

Finance Friday: trends was my post yesterday. I have followed one trend and joined Zopa to get a better return on my savings, but I have no plans to get a tattoo or start taking ‘selfies’…

Thrifty Thursday: Deflation? was my usual thrifty post on Thursday. I suppose shopping at discount stores is another trend I have followed. I’m quite surprised there aren’t more discount stores opening in the Black Country. Poundland still seems to be doing well.

Darlaston Pubs (in the Black Country) was my post on a Zillion Ideas this Wednesday. I’m glad to say I can post on there again, so it’s back to normal.  That post featured a few photographs of local pubs.

Black Country Photos on Tuesday had a similar theme. I took some interesting pictures at the Frying Pan in Darlaston on Sunday.

Life: Monday morning was as the title suggests about life. That was here on WordPress because I couldn’t post on a Zillion Ideas.

The Sunday Ramble: Facebook culture was about my Facebook friends and their passions. I couldn’t mention all of them, but that post wasn’t quite as popular as I expected.

I have been asked to photograph a charity bike ride on Saturday. At the time of writing it’s pouring with rain, but hopefully it’ll clear up before Saturday. I’ll probably be out taking photos tomorrow too. I took some interesting photos with my 300mm telephoto lens so I might try that again tomorrow. My next experiment in photography will probably be street photography using the 300mm lens. That could be interesting. I do need the 105mm lens though. You never have enough equipment!

I’ll be back tomorrow writing another Sunday ramble, probably about the Black Country or maybe about why we don’t really want tourism here. I suppose tourists coming in by tram or canal narrow-boat isn’t so bad…

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2 responses

  1. Great post, Mike. We walk into town to do our shopping – it’s just over a mile, and another one back. We do it three times a week – gives us exercise and we know where our money is going. Of course, it all takes a little longer, and therefore less time on the internet 😉 but we are fitter and healthier

    2, August 2014 at 11:13 am

    • Hi Myfanwy,

      I think we can all spend a little more locally and think before we travel. I think climate change is becoming a real problem, but isn’t really taken seriously. They just use it as an excuse to put up taxation.

      Thanks for the comment. A little feedback is always welcome!

      2, August 2014 at 12:00 pm

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