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Frying Pan Charity Bike Ride

DSC_0111 (Copy)

I’ve been photographing events like the Party in the Park, Carnival and the Fun Day recently. People often tell me they didn’t know about the event and so didn’t go to it! So I’ll tell you about this charity bike ride at the Frying Pan in Darlaston in advance. It’s today, 9th August 2014 at the Frying Pan in Darlaston starting at 10am.

You should get there early, the bike riders will be there at 9am because they are setting off at 10am. I have no idea where they are going, a scenic route around Darlo probably. My advice to the riders is to go slow to begin with and conserve as much energy as possible and then when your muscles have warmed up a little and it seems much easier to turn those pedals, then you can increase your speed. You’ll have plenty of energy left for the finishing straight then!

Finance Friday: assessing investment risks was yesterday’s post on a Zillion Ideas. Warmongering around the world is still increasing risk for investors and this could translate to higher prices in the shops  down the line.

Thrifty Thursday: Back to school was Thursday’s thrifty post. People are buying the back to school uniforms now and taking advantage of offers. We have to save a quid here and save a quid there.

Art and photography was my subject on Wednesday and that featured photos from my afternoon photographing the wildlife of Wednesbury.

Darlaston Fun Day on Tuesday featured my photos of the fun day in King’s Hill park that I went to on Monday. I managed to get back to the car, just as the heavens opened again.  I had been watching those dark clouds for a while though…

Life: setting our priorities was my philosophical Monday post and always an interesting look at life.

Beneath the surface was my Sunday ramble through the lesser known corridors of my mind. There was a little humour in that. I hope today’s outing at the Frying Pan puts me in a better mood to write a Sunday ramble tomorrow.

You might be wondering how I’m writing this and publishing on a Saturday morning and covering the bike ride at the same time. Right? Well I’m not; I write this in advance and put it on automatic schedule to publish bright and early on Saturday morning around the time that I’m crawling out out bed bright eyed and bushy tailed with a fully charged battery preparing myself for this bike ride. I have a few things to consider like the weather, what camera settings to use and how to get good shots. The weather forecast says showers, but I’ll keep monitoring it. I’m not a morning person, so it’ll be a bloody miracle if I get there on time…

What do you think? Are you out riding your bike today? Going to an event this weekend? Incidentally, some photos that I took previously were on the website of the local newspaper, but they got a bit mixed up. The fun day was mixed up with the carnival and the pictures from the Frying Pan had the wrong captions. It was Black Country Day that caused the confusion. We should be alright this time! You can use the box below to comment or follow me on Twitter.


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