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Thrifty Thursday: price competition

The Aldi super-six this week are cucumber, spring onions (100g), mixed chillies (80g), pointed cabbage, carrots (1Kg) and broccoli. They are all 39p this week.

Check out the super-six meat offers too.


Tesco have similar products but more choice. The broccoli, cucumber and spring onions are on offer there too, for 49p.

The broccoli at Asda was 49p too – I didn’t compare the weight. They are obviously aware of Tesco’s prices, but are they aware that trade is going to Aldi?

Morrison’s need to improve their website, so customers can do a price comparison. They are reducing their prices on fruit and vegetables, but like the other big supermarkets they need to stock more British, less choice like the discounters and no offers that mean buying more than we need. The big supermarkets need to encourage us to cut waste, while cutting waste themselves.

I looked at the knitwear at Matalan earlier. I need more sweaters for the winter. The new stock for Autumn/Winter is coming in now and so a lot of old stock is in the sale. The sweater I want is reduced from £14 to £5. 

The weather seems to be changing where I live, the rain is back. It seems too early to think about winter woollies. I’m still picking runner beans and hoping to pick tomatoes soon. We have to think about saving money, with incomes in real terms dropping for most people. Tight monetary policy appears to be making some things cheaper. Petrol prices have actually dropped, food prices have stabilised and for those luxury items that the rich love to buy, there are bargains on wide screen televisions, Iphones and I understand luxury cars are selling well. Average incomes are always more than typical incomes and people on typical incomes of less than £20,000 a year are faced with difficult choices, many are cutting down on days out and holidays. Most are having to choose between a greater choice at the large supermarkets and less choice at discount supermarkets, but choosing the latter allows them to take the kids out in the school holidays. I don’t think things will get better very soon, but I’m sure there will be some government giveaways before the election next year.

Have you seen a bargain? Please comment and share your finds. You can also follow me on Twitter.


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