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The Review: getting close to nature

Wednesbury Pool

Mental illnesses have been in the news this week, particularly anxiety and depression. The economic problems of the last few years seems to have made the rat race even more stressful. I think we often need to get back to nature.

We need the parks, nature reserves and the countryside and we need the time to relax and enjoy them. It seems judging from the news that fame and fortune doesn’t make people happy or even contented. We need to relax and be able to enjoy art, music and a beautiful view. Not everyone has a park, not everyone can enjoy a nice view. The appearance of things is important and we don’t need to spend a fortune to make our environment look nice and keep it that way.

Finance Friday: Choice and opportunity was my post yesterday about localisation rather than globalisation. That too is about our local environment and looking after what is on our own doorstep.

Thrifty Thursday: price competition was my Thursday thrifty post.  On Thursday, I was told that a moat around a Manor House wasn’t for keeping invaders in check, but it was more of a status symbol. Many of the things people buy these days aren’t very practical, but status symbols also. Do we really need them?

Proud to be Black Country was my post on Wednesday and that certainly had a local theme. That was over on a Zillion Ideas.

Photography: Charity Bike Ride was my first photography post on Tuesday and featured a few photos from my photo shoot at the Frying Pan last weekend. I think that event was a success.

Photography: 2014 super-moon featured my super-moon pictures from last weekend. Photographing the full moon is quite popular, but after last weekend I think next time I’ll try to get something in the foreground of the pictures. That isn’t easy to do, you have to shoot in the right direction!

Myths and Magic was Monday’s post. Many years ago when there was an unusual event like a super-moon or an eclipse, all sorts of myths would be associated with it. Things don’t change that much and this super-moon brought out the doomsday predictions When the date was 14/02/2014, it wasn’t the end of the world, it was Valentine’s Day; despite the symmetry of the numbers! It’s the 21st century and people still believe in myths and magic, but now we can add in aliens too.

The Sunday Ramble: Me an amateur? was another ramble from the lesser travelled pathways of my mind. People often misjudge me. I had someone phone me trying to scam me into putting money into a dodgy investment this week; it was obviously a boiler room scam. It ruined my week, I needed to be able to answer my phone! These fraudsters are encouraged by politicians and the law, not chased down and prosecuted.  They have websites, how hard can it be?

I’ll be back tomorrow with another ramble. I think the weather might be better tomorrow, so I hope I can go out and take some photos again. Please use the comments box to share your views and you can, as always follow me on Twitter.


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