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Photography: Kids and horses at the Frying Pan

The Frying Pan kids

This is one of the first photos that I took on Sunday. The horse looks in focus and you can read the number plate on the van, but farther away the picture isn’t so clear. It’s a good example of identifying the subject and focusing on that.

The ones that I took before that one were all blurred, because I caught the AF switch and turned it off taking the camera out of the case!

Kids at The Frying Pan, Darlaston

In this picture, the subject is clearly defined and in focus and the background out of focus. Capturing facial expressions and the mood is important, so a fast speed with multiple shots helps to do that.

Pretty girls

It was windy, but I think that makes this picture better. I centred this picture by cropping it in editing.

At the Frying Pan, Darlaston

I cropped this picture too to centre it and zoom in just a little. Noticing skin tones is important when editing a picture like this. I don’t Photoshop them…

Girl posing with a horse

This picture was difficult to take and edit, because the horse tends to dominate the picture. It is an interesting picture, but I had to try to remember the horse was not the subject!

DSC_0116 (Copy)

This is a fairly sharp picture, again it’s because the subject is clearly defined and I used the focus points to get the subject in focus and the background a little out of focus.

Horse and trap

I took this shot from the other side of the car park with my 300mm lens. The sun had come out a bit, but I think it’s a better quality lens and so it’s a sharper image with better colour.

DSC_0205 (Copy)

This one was a long shot too, but quite a good shot. It almost looks 3D with the background out of focus.

What do you think? Do you have a favourite photo today? Please share your thoughts in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter.


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