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The Review: August Bank Holiday Weekend

Horse owners at the Frying Pan

The sun’s shining today and we have a Bank Holiday weekend. I’ll be out taking photographs as usual; I’m not quite sure where. It seems a little bit chilly for August, but there’s a music festival on in Brunswick Park, here in Wednesbury today. One band tweeted that is was an all day event and they’re on at 5pm.

It’s also the Sandwell Show this weekend, but I suspect parking could be a problem. There’s only one way in and one way out, in the usual style of wonderful Sandwell planning. That has humps all down the road and is very narrow.

Finance Friday – How to save money was my article yesterday on saving money. I saved money on my car and home insurance this week and had new tyres on my car that  were cheaper than I expected. I still haven’t been to Poundland. I need some pens, so I have to go soon.

Thrifty Thursday: Cutting motoring costs too was Thursday’s thrifty post. I’ve started researching where I can buy clothing for the winter. I nearly got hypothermia last year taking photos of the official switch on of the Christmas lights. I think I might need a new lens for my camera and some Arctic clothing to keep me warm this year.

A waste of human resources was my post on Wednesday. I like those posts where I can write passionately about something!

Photography: The Frying Pan Kids was my first photography post on Tuesday. The children at the Frying Pan were very cooperative on Sunday having their photos taken. It was a bit cool and windy, but we got some good pictures.

Photography: Kids and horses at the Frying Pan was more of the same. Those photos were really good. I hope to get some good ones today with the 300mm lens. I’ve been looking at a 18 – 105mm lens. I would like a longer lens like a 18 – 200mm lens, but they’re too expensive. The 18 – 105mm will give me a 5.6 X zoom and so good enough for most events. I can change to the 300mm for events like today’s music festival and wildlife.

Image conscious? was Monday’s post. We all have an image, I’ll wear my sun hat today so people will recognise me as the photographer. It’ll look a bit strange with a padded gilet, but we have to be influenced by the weather! 

The Sunday Ramble: Back to square one was my post on Sunday.  Fei, the International student I mentioned will be trying to fly to Paris again this weekend. With internet check-ins and e-tickets, I’m surprised anyone goes anywhere. Everywhere I go on the internet now I get offered cheap flights to Paris by Fly-Be. I am getting more adverts on Facebook for thermal clothing though. You would be amazed what they wear in the Arctic and what they have to do to use the loo…

Anyway, music festival later, I can see sunshine and blue skies which bodes well for it. I was up early this morning. I’ve never written a blog post this early in the morning. I’m not usually awake enough at this time. I’m not sure now what I’ll do with the rest of my morning. I suppose I could go to Poundland and buy those pens!

What are you doing this weekend? Please share your plans in the comments box. I need somewhere to go tomorrow and Monday…  You can follow me on Twitter too.


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