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Photography: suggestive images

Girl enjoying the fun day

This looks fun, photos of children enjoying themselves gives a very positive image. We can promote parks, nature reserves, pubs, carnivals, whatever we like with suitable photographs suggesting a positive image. Some photos are negative however.

Drinking alcohol on the pavement is illegal in many places now, because it gives the place a bad image. Families enjoying a sunny afternoon in a pub garden suggests a safe family atmosphere.

Swan on the pool

Beautiful nature pictures can suggest calm and serenity. They suggest a relaxing day walking or fishing after the chaos of everyday life.

Wednesbury Pool

I drove past here a couple of days ago. The weather wasn’t very good, but they were fishing using shelters from the rain and small tents. It would be worth it just for the view.

Manor House museum

This building needs some work, but I think the ivy makes it interesting. The image a place presents is important, it provides a lasting memory and one that can now be captured by cameras, phones and tablet computers.

Charity Bike ride

These snapshots of life make people want to see for themselves; to be part of that. They want to walk down the river on a Sunday afternoon and enjoy a picnic. They want to enjoy a beer in the garden of the pub on a Sunday afternoon. Even a 25 mile charity bike ride would give you something to talk about for weeks. I used an image to promote the carnival this year and it went on Facebook and I tweeted it to remind people that it was on. The local police re-tweeted my image and I think more people came to the carnival. That means more money for the charity stalls, but the fun fair was also bigger and the whole event seemed better with more organisations represented. Presenting a good image can get a project lottery funding, get a business extra customers and be the difference between success and failure. Local groups and social enterprises are now springing up to try to tackle some of the problems and inequality that have emerged over the past few years. Using pictures can be a means of creating a positive image and telling people what you’re trying to do.

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3 responses

  1. Hi Mike, These photos are great, they really bring the mood of the subject to the viewer. You not only take excellent photos, you do a fantastic job of conveying mood as well. That’s why I’ve always thought your images would be great for a movie poster. Your could convey the mood of the movie instantly.

    Okay, my favourite photo this week, and it was tough, is the swan photo. The way you shot the image through the grasses but focused on the swan was so artistic. But I also love the top photo of the girl and her smile. The colors of the photo and the families in the background add to the joy!

    I also love the one of the ivy-covered building. The building looks so charming and inviting but the lamp post in front with its crooked top makes the photo so much more interesting!

    27, August 2014 at 7:20 pm

    • Hi Carolyn,

      Some cameras have ‘spot’ focusing. Mine does it automatically if i choose the ‘sports’ setting. The same setting is fast and so suitable for moving animals and vehicles. I used that setting for the swan and it focused on the one spot and got the swan quite sharp. Swans are difficult being all white. You need to focus sharply to see the feathers. On a Zillion Ideas yesterday, I used your super-moon picture!

      27, August 2014 at 7:29 pm

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