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Thrifty Thursday: gluten free sausages

The Aldi super-six this week are figs (3/4), mangetout (150g), garlic (4), cocktail vine tomatoes (250g), nectarine (4/5) and fun size pears (7-10). They are all 69p.

The super-six meat offers includes sausages (454g) for 89p.

I had some gluten free sausages this week for 1.99 and cooked some last night with baked potatoes and runner beans from the garden. They were delicious! I think I might do Bovril gravy with them next time, that would make it even more perfect!

Today’s special buys have a back to university theme with the top item being bluetooth headphones. There is also bed sets and cooking equipment. The coloured woks for 2.99 are good. You can stir fry all sorts of things in those, like left over potato with the odd slice of bacon or sausage. You can even stir fry rice and diced pork with a little soy sauce and 5 spice!

Sunday’s special buys are mostly for the bathroom, like towels; there is also sink unblocker, which I buy regularly.

In with the student survival kit things there are lots of pens and books. I find the ones in Poundland better value. They have project books that are great for student dissertations. I went to Poundland yesterday and I was given a £2.00 voucher at the checkout to spend next time, if I spend £12. I spent £11 yesterday, so that will come in useful. My only complaint is the pens I wanted had been put by the checkout. I looked for them in stationery; silly me…

I think stationery in stores should be stationary… Stop moving it about! Incidentally, the gel pens are more or less the same as rollerball pens, but they work better. You get more pens with the gel pens, but they have less in ink in them. In tests, the gel pens came out best overall.

I went to Matalan on Tuesday afternoon. Yes, I bought another new coat! This time it’s a parka with a fur trimmed hood. That was £35 and I had a long sleeve tee shirt for £6. I have an idea that the long sleeve tee might help keep me warm if I wear about 5 layers in winter. I nearly got hypothermia photographing the official switch on of the Christmas lights last year. There is a special thermal underwear suit, as worn by the military that I’m considering…

So that has been my week so far. A delicious meal using gluten free sausages from Aldi. A new coat and tee shirt from Matalan to keep me warm this winter. I also noticed the runner beans were £2 for a lb at the greengrocers near Poundland. I picked mine from the garden, they were stringless and delicious. After saving money on car and home insurance last week and on new tyres from Tyres on the Drive; I’m still doing well. Do you remember Jubblys?  We used to buy orange one’s frozen when we were kids. I bought some in Aldi, they are strawberry so not really a nostalgia trip, but still cool…

I paid my phone and broadband bill yesterday with TalkTalk and got a 20% discount for paying it within 24 hours. I also intend to pay my line rental 12 month in advance and take advantage of ‘value line rental’ again. They sent me a reminder even though it’s not up until the end of October. How you do it on their website escapes me. I can’t even find out how much the value line rental is this year. It was £118 last year. TalkTalk are rubbish when it comes to service…

The apples on my apple tree have ripened with the warm weather in July. It’s worth having fruit trees in your garden, but the smaller dwarf trees are better. I need a long ladder to pick mine.

Have you spotted a bargain this week or saved money on something? please share in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter.


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