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The review: Do speed cameras help?

Woden Road South pool scene

Today’s scenic picture was taken in Woden Road South. Wednesbury was named after the Anglo-Saxon God, Woden. We have four roads named Woden Road, North, South, East and West. The general idea was to build wide roads around the town and then join them all up to make a ring road. This makes sense..

The problem is they never finished it, so the main roads coming into the town all join together near the town centre and it’s chaos. Two children were ran over there, with one being badly injured and then a tanker hit a elderly lady and she died not long after. The cars go down Woden Road South too fast despite keep left signs and parked cars making them weave all over the road. At the end there is traffic calming. They really needed to finish the ring road, it would have saved lives. Instead they spent more and more money on ‘ traffic calming’.

The new Police Commissioner wants to switch all the speed cameras back on, he thinks speeding is a problem. There are no cameras on this road. One reason people speed on it is they are avoiding the A roads that have too much traffic because of traffic calming, speed cameras and traffic lights. They want to get out of their offices and do some research and stop with the daft ideas.

Finance Friday: localisation was my post yesterday.  Localisation is a good idea, lets promote local businesses, reject centralisation and insist on local politicians being local. Stop the empire building!

Thrifty Thursday: gluten free sausages was my thrifty post this week. I enjoyed my sausages and baked potatoes. I might have sausage and egg for lunch today!

Photography: editing guest pictures was my first photography post on Tuesday and featured nice photographs from my friends. Even one of the Eiffel tower!

Photography: suggestive images was here on WordPress. They say a picture can paint a thousand words, it can certainly get a message across effectively. It can suggest nostalgia, tranquillity, fun, or any message you want. Pictures can be very useful for promoting and presenting an image to the world.

Gold star and brownie points was another look at life and emotional rewards.

The powers that be was my usual Sunday moan about life in general and government in particular. I’ll be back with another ramble tomorrow.

I shall be going out this weekend to take more photos. There is a canal festival in 3 weeks time, but tomorrow looks like being difficult. There is a bike ride in Sandwell Valley, but that’s about all. The weather doesn’t look too promising either. 

What are you doing this weekend? Please share in the comments box. you can also follow me on Twitter.

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