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Thrifty Thursday: Late summer bargains

The Aldi super-six this week are figs (3/4), mangetout (150g), garlic (4), cocktail vine tomatoes (250g), nectarine (4/5) and fun size pears (7-10). They are all 69p. That offer continues until next Wednesday, 10th September.

The super-six meat offers includes sausages. They are not gluten free! I enjoyed the gluten free sausages last week, but they have none this week…

Gluten free  sausages, baked potatoes and runner beans

This is a cheap meal idea if you have kids. Give them a sausage in a baked potato, with lots of veggies. If they’re still hungry, give them another baked potato! This meal was delicious. I’ll have to stock up and freeze them next time they have those gluten free sausages.

Today’s special buys includes garden tools. I might have those hedge shears if they have any left next time I go. They also have memory foam items. They have memory foam ‘toppers’. I have no idea what they are, but I probably need one…

The Sunday special buys includes a 40” wood lathe and other tools. There is also a 500g bag of pudding rice for 79p. I hated rice pudding when I was a kid, but I did grow to 6ft 2 inches tall. That was probably the baked potatoes and sausages though…


I renewed my ‘value line rental’ with TalkTalk this week. It was £118 last year, this year they wanted £172.20. If they think I won’t cancel my contract when it runs out; they are wrong. It’s extortionate. I had that TV box for 7.50 a month and they put that up to 8.50. I’m sure their profits and share price will go up this year. The question is: Are TalkTalk shares a good long term investment or will the share price tank as customers desert the company in their thousands… Saga banged their prices up just before they hit the stock market, now people are deserting them.


I just spotted a fishing shelter on the Aldi site or 19.99. They are good, you can fit a sun lounger inside.

Runner beans

I’m still picking runner beans from my garden. I’ve had quite a lot and saved money. I think they have provided me with vegetables for a month or more now.

runner beans

The weather wasn’t ideal. It was too dry during that hot weather and then it went too wet. Then it went too cold, but the weather has improved so I might still get more from them through September.My apples weren’t great either, this year. I did have apple sauce with my pork on Sunday though, that was delicious…


I don’t like thinking about winter in summer, but we have to be prepared. I’ve bought a winter coat, now I need sweaters. I want another lens for my camera, so I’m still being careful with my money and investing. I’m even thinking about Christmas presents early…

Have you spotted a useful bargain this week? Please share you finds in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter.


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