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The review: an interesting week

White swan

It was an interesting week. The warmongering in the middle east and Ukraine stifled the stock market again yesterday. The sanctions against Russia are getting more serious now. France is threatening to hold back the two warships they ordered. I wonder what they wanted those for? Humanitarian aid trips?

Despite all that bad news and the share prices of banks falling, I’m having a better time on the stock market and that was the subject of my blog post yesterday.

Finance Friday: Investments and multi-baggers was my post yesterday. A multi-bagger is when you buy shares and the value doubles or trebles. This is how those million pound bonuses are made! Then they pay the schmucks 1.5% interest including their bonus!

Thrifty Thursday: late summer bargains was more concerned with saving money than making money. We can do both though. Right?

Photography: Candid shots was my first photography post on Tuesday. I’ve ordered a new quality lens for my camera. I’m getting serious about photography now!

Photography: Random Shots was my other post here on WordPress. The picture of the pub was popular! Pictures of Black Country pubs are always popular, not as popular as the beer; but popular…

Who are we to judge? was my usual Sunday ramble and a look at those high paid people who run the country. It’s frustrating when you live in a developed country and you know it could be so much better if people could just get their priorities right.  At least we’re not living in mud huts, drinking dirty water and eating locusts…

We have to be grateful for what we have. I could be a lot more grateful if I was getting 130K a year for sitting around shuffling paper. Never mind we have that weekly opportunity to win the lottery tonight. I did win 25 quid not long ago, which was a week’s pay when I was younger. Now I’m lucky if it covers a week’s shopping for one.

I’ll be back tomorrow with another  Sunday ramble. I also have a guest post to publish this week, probably over on a zillion ideas. I’ll also be out taking photographs this weekend. There is a fun day on Sunday that could be interesting. What are you doing? Please share in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter.


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