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Thrifty Thursday: Keep on saving

The Aldi super-six this week are cherry tomatoes (300g), savoy cabbage, carrots (1Kg), celery, onions (1Kg) and snack pack grapes (170g). They are all 39p and that offer lasts until the 24th of September. I like celery in soup or stew…

Today’s special buys at Aldi includes lots of clothes. I might look at the men’s sweater, but I think fleece sweaters are  unpopular now. There are other things, I might look at the spring flowering bulbs and try to remember to plant them this year!

Sunday’s special buys are much more interesting. The all purpose roaster seems expensive at 17.99, but I have had lots of metal ones and they don’t last. I’ll look at that, I’ll see if it’s big enough for a chicken!

In the while stocks last section of their website they have Deco paint. The tins marked satin are actually emulsion.

I mentioned last week that I had bought a new coat, that is a parka style coat from Matalan. I still need winter sweaters.

I took delivery of a new lens for my camera this week, so I can now take really sharp pictures with my Nikon D3200. The price of the lens is about £100 off at Amazon, but I shopped around and got another £50 off that. I have a receipt, but no warranty to send to Nikon. It should be a 12 month warranty at least. I’ve took a few photos to test it and it does take professional pictures.

I try to save money on shopping and bills and then invest a little money. The stock market is going through a tough time because of the Scottish referendum, but my shares in Solo Oil are doing well. It would be ironic for Scotland to vote to go solo and England to strike oil at the same time…

I shall be doing a finance post on a zillion ideas tomorrow. I have a hospital appointment today and there are new government guidelines for parking charges. I usually have to pay £1 for every half an hour, which is better than not getting a parking space, but expensive. I usually have to pay 2 – 3 pounds because I have to wait. I think it’s unfair on people  in wheelchairs too who can’t move so fast too.

Have you seen a bargain? Please share in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter. Keep on saving…


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