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Heritage weekend

1 Manor House sign

It’s heritage weekend and lots of museums will be open and have special events. We all have different ideas of what our heritage is. I had an appointment at the hospital this week and the remainder of the old workhouse is still at the end of the car park.  It’s derelict, but that’s an important reminder of the past.

I had an interesting week and my post on  Friday didn’t get quite as much interest as I expected. I mentioned Solo Oil and by the time I had finished writing their share price had rocketed over 20%. By lunchtime it was over 30%, but dropped back in the afternoon with profit taking. They are partners in several projects, here in the UK and overseas. This week, drilling for oil and gas at Horse Hill will hit it’s first target, so it could be an interesting week again.

Friday Friday: Investing for the future was my post yesterday. I posted that on a Zillion Ideas because I have more freedom to experiment on that site, because I own it!

Thrifty Thursday: Keep on Saving was Thursday’s thrifty post. I never got around to doing my shopping this week. I had to harvest potatoes and runner beans from the garden for dinner last night!

Photography and writing was my post on Wednesday. I think combining my writing with photography was a good idea. Despite the awards for writing, I was reminded of my success in the photography competition when I had a blood test at the hospital. My photograph is still on the wall in the waiting room! I think it would be hard to get a better photo than that one, but with my Nikon I would get better definition.

Photography: Choosing a camera was my photography post on Tuesday and that’s worth reading if you’re thinking about buying a new camera.

Three Days in November – A Walsall Arts Fest Event was a guest post on Monday by Carolyn Bayliss, the organiser of the Walsall Arts Fest. I keep missing the Arts Fest, but I hope I can go to that in November. I have reviewed a few arts exhibitions in the Walsall, so this would be a little different. It’s more Avant Garde… If you would like a guest post edited and published, let me know.

The Sunday Ramble: Referendum was my usual ramble through the more humorous and political pathways of my mind. I’ll try to be more humorous than political this week.  I haven’t been well, but after my hospital visit this week; I now have new pills on order. I shall be swinging through the trees next week…

I have quite a lot to look forward to. A double roll-over on the National Lottery tonight. Then a day out tomorrow, maybe to a museum as part of heritage weekend? I also have to deliver a picture that someone asked me to have printed. Then this week, I can watch my shares in Solo Oil soar to new heights, while taking my new pills, which could soar me to new heights. There’s a few reasons to be cheerful…

What are you doing this weekend? Please share your thoughts in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter.

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