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The Review: Does art need to reach out?

I’ve started with one of my more artistic pictures today. I’m thinking of visiting an art gallery this weekend. I often talk to young people and they’re quite interested in photography and art, but never visit a gallery or get to handle a decent camera. Perhaps the galleries aren’t reaching out to young people?

Ed Miliband is promising a increase in the minimum wage now. No mention of the deficit or the bedroom tax. It will be too little, too late, as big business argues that it will create inflation, increase costs, reduce investment, cost jobs and so on. It’s like buying a cheap tee shirt out the supermarket though, you don’t appreciate it. If you buy an expensive Twisted Souls tee, you don’t wear it to do the garden or wash the car do you? Make them pay £8 an hour now and then they will appreciate the workers and train them properly. We need more nurses and teachers trained and less money spent on agency nurses and teachers, then they could afford to pay carers and cleaners £8 a hour.

Thrifty Thursday: Aldi or Asda was my thrifty post this week. We poor people have to keep shopping around. Incidentally, I was too busy this week to do my usual finance post on Friday. It was a quiet week anyway. I hope Solo Oil will come good next week and the price of my shares will soar. The drilling at Horse Hill near Gatwick airport should hit it’s first target at the end of the week.

Photography: Photographing an event was over on a Zillion Ideas and featured my photos from last weekend.

Tipton Canal and Community Festival was here on WordPress and was also featured on the Wolverhampton Express and Star website. I know. I’m a newspaper blogger now!

Movies, then and now was a guest post on Monday by Fairy Dharawat. We definitely need new movies with better scripts. We need comedy too, something to cheer us up!

The Sunday Ramble: The Alternative Nobel prizes was my Sunday ramble; that was meant to be funny. I could probably write a movie script, but I think it’s important to know the actors first and write a script that they can interact with. Then you can use their skills, mannerisms and eccentricities to make the movie funny. I would like to write one that is set in the Black Country and features pubs, horses and other local features. That would be a  bleedin’ good film… I wonder if Frank Skinner is busy?

I’ll be back tomorrow with another Sunday ramble. I didn’t write many posts this week. I’ll make an effort next week and see if I can get back to at least one a day. I did photograph the canal festival and advise  a student on her dissertation. I cooked Autumn soup too, it was delicious. I could do the recipe next week…

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