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Photography: Moorcroft Wood

Moorcroft Enviroment centre

I went to Moorcroft Wood on Sunday. I’m finding nature photography and landscapes a little boring, but buildings are still quite interesting. This is Moorcroft Environment Centre on the edge of the wood.

Various events are organised from the centre, like litter picks. They have teddy bear’s picnics in summer for the children too.

Moorcroft Wood

The Black Country’s industrial history was founded on a thick seam of coal. It ran through Moorcroft Wood, but it was abandoned because of flooding and underground fire. The nearby pub ‘The Fiery Holes’ gets its name from the underground fires that burnt uncontrollably for many years.

Moorcroft Pool

You don’t have to walk far into Moorcroft Wood before you come to the huge hole in the ground left by the coal mining. Now full of water, it’s known as Moorcroft Pool or the ‘Sanna’ to locals. It got the name the ‘Sanna’ because there used to be a sanatorium on the edge of the woodland. That was an isolation hospital and quite a scary place that people avoided because of it’s history as a smallpox hospital.

Canal at Moorcroft

The canal runs along side the wood on the eastern side, but you can gain access across this bridge. There isn’t much wildlife in Moorcroft Wood and compared to the other local pools, Moorcroft Pool doesn’t attract wildlife either.I did see 2 ducks on the pool once, but that was all. In the woodland, I rarely see birds and have only once seen a squirrel. The trees don’t seem quite as diverse as in other places either.

If you live in the Black Country, you can visit Moorcroft Wood at Moxley, access is from Hawkswood Drive. Did you go out and enjoy nature this weekend? Share you thoughts in the comments box or you can follow me on Twitter.

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