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Thrifty Thursday: Aldi or Tesco?

The Aldi super-six this week are fun-size apples (8/9/10), fun-size pears (7/8/9/10), baby corn (135g), salad potatoes (1Kg), plums (500g) and chestnut mushrooms. They are all 69p and the offer lasts until the 8th of October.

Included in the super-six meat offers are sausages, burgers and lamb mince. You can do some interesting Autumn meals with those. Sausages and baked potatoes are great in Autumn. The lamb mince would make a great shepherd’s pie too.

Today’s special buys features lots of goodies for Halloween. The children will like those, but there are things for your Halloween party too.

The Sunday special buys this week features an inflatable air bed and lots of things for the home.


I went to Tesco to check it out. As usual with a bigger supermarket, a few things were on offer. The important things like meat was more expensive. The prawns were 2.25 compared to 2.00 at Aldi, but it looked a larger pack. I checked the weight when I got home, it was on the bottom of the pack. There was also a pad under the prawns to make them look more. That was typical, tricks to persuade you to buy more and prices about 10% more expensive. They have the multi-packs of chocolate bars on offer this week. There was talk of a tax on fat and sugar this week. I’m not surprised when people are being encouraged to buy multi-packs of chocolate bars with 13 in a pack. Maybe Tesco could consider the obesity epidemic and put salad on special offer instead?


Last week I advised readers to stock up on colds and flu medication at Poundland. I have a cold this week and sore throat, so that was timely advice. They also have Halloween stuff in now.

Sometimes, we have to pay a little more to get just what we want. I think, the selection at Aldi is limited compared to Tesco, but saving at least 10% on your weekly shopping is worth considering. I bought some knitwear this week, because some of it was on offer and I had a voucher that saved me £11.00. I spent £33.65 on clothes that would cost over £50 at full price. They are different and more fashionable, but I don’t think I got a great bargain; they were overpriced to begin with. I have been struggling to get a warm sweater for the winter and I have one now, so I don’t regret paying a little extra for it.


I can start shopping for Christmas now. It’s always difficult, thinking what presents to buy. I am considering more Christmas lights and decorations this year too. I’ll be photographing the Christmas Lights switch on in the town, so I’m prepared for that! It was below freezing last year, so I’ll be in Arctic gear this year! I’m growing new potatoes for Christmas lunch in my mini greenhouse too; I think they are doing well.

Have you spotted a bargain this week? Please share in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter.


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