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The review: signs of autumn

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It’s been quite a mild autumn in England this year, but the leaves are starting to fall from the trees and the seasonal illnesses are starting to appear. I have a horrible cold and although colds make us feel terrible with fever, there is no need to seek medical help.

I took 1000 mg of paracetamol which besides being a pain killer is also an anti-inflammatory and anti febrile, so it will bring the fever down. There can be complications to catching a cold, such as bronchitis, especially in people who smoke. My immune system is fighting back and the attack of the T-lymphocytes has made my throat really sore, but that is a sign I’m over the worst!  I didn’t write a blog post yesterday, but managed a thrifty one on Thursday.

Thrifty Thursday: Aldi or Tesco was my post comparing prices in Tesco with Aldi. It seems Tesco share their car park with another company, I guessed that all those cars didn’t belong to customers.

Familiarity breeds contempt was Wednesday’s post. I had a moan about life in general!

Acoustic Alliance at the Vine Inn, Darlaston was my post on Tuesday. Those photos were quite good, but the writing could have been better!

Photography: Moorcroft Wood was my photography post on Tuesday. It seems there is more wild life in Moorcroft Wood than I’ve seen. I did see a fox crossing the road once.

Creativity and learning was Monday’s post and quite interesting. We need more creativity and innovation in Britain.

The Sunday Ramble: Music, politics and photography was my Sunday post and a bit rambling. It seems the economy gets worse and the government is over a trillion in debt, but they can afford tax cuts for high rate tax payers. Have you ever wondered who we owe all the money to? No not the Chinese, but we do owe them some and the oil rich Arabs. Most of it is owed to British pension funds who supply 5 figure pensions to judges and the like.

That’s it for today. I’ll be writing another Sunday ramble tomorrow, hopefully with a bit of humour. Maybe I’ll tell you about my epic battle with the cold virus!


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