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Re-thinking values in society

I watched Professor Brian Cox on T V last night, looking at the enormity of the universe and our part in it. He said something about the human brain being like a computer with 80 billion neurons. He also talked about how knowledge is passed down from one generation to another.

I don’t think all our brains are equal though. They might all have the same number of neurons, but some brains don’t seem to work quite a good as the one Brian Cox has. The knowledge that is passed down from one generation to another doesn’t seem to be passed to everyone either. Professor Cox, scribbled a few of Newton’s Laws on piece of paper, many people wouldn’t even know who Newton was. I didn’t know those formulae, but at least I understood what he was talking about.

A thought crossed my mind when considering the potential of the human brain. It would cost a billion pounds or more to make a computer with the same capacity. The human brain for all it’s complexity is common place and not really thought of as very special. Those people working in fast food chains for £6.31 an hour are treated with some derision. Many of them don’t make enough money for all their basic needs. Should we value people more highly? Should we value our humanity more highly?

When we compare people and value people, do we assign the right values to the right people. Professor Cox is a physicist and so a useful member of society, but he is working as a entertainer making television programmes. Is that a  more useful way of using his talents and knowledge? Should we value entertainers more than scientists? Should we value leaders of commerce and bankers higher than nurses and doctors?

We seem to have our priorities mixed up. Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate the usefulness of members of our society?  Perhaps then, the popular entertainers who earn millions a year will earn a little less, the bankers on million pound bonuses will accept less and the chief executives in public services will accept less so the people on £6.31 an hour can have more.

We need to value the carers who look after the elderly and disabled more. We need to value the people who serve us in shops, supermarkets and restaurants more. It will also have the added benefit of saving the government billions in family tax credits…

What do you think? Do you think some people should be valued more and the celebrities a little less? Please share your views in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter.


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