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Thrifty Thursday: Autumn food bargains

The Aldi super-six this week are chantenay carrots (500g), parsnips (600g), cauliflower, leeks (500g), mild onions (4 pack) and baking potatoes (4 pack). They are all 69p. Those for useful for winter stews.

The top special buy today is a pair of running shoes and there are other running related items too. There is warm clothing for the winter too.

The special buys for Sunday features a duvet and other things to keep warm in bed. The heated throw might be good and help keep us warm. I’ve had my electric blanket on this week, while I’ve been fighting off the flu.

The fireworks are on the Aldi website,  they are special buys for the 15th of October. I think most people are better off going to an organised display and it works out cheaper too. There are lots of Halloween products coming in the Aldi stores soon too.

I did some spooky Halloween photography last year, if my flu goes away I might do something year. There are a few camera tricks you can use for ghostly images and as a ghost has been seen already in Dudley Castle, I think someone started early!

Watch out for local Halloween events at museums and other historical buildings. Take your camera along. I know there is a Halloween event at West Bromwich Manor House and I’m sure there will be lots more.

Check out Poundland for Halloween decorations too. 

I’ve seen some solar powered lanterns coming into the shops that could be used to change the atmosphere in the garden for Halloween and then could be reused at Christmas.

The good news this week is that Morrison’s intend to try to match Aldi and Lidl’s prices. There will be conditions obviously, but the price war is hotting up. The Aldi I went to on Tuesday has been further reorganised and so they will be more competitive too. They certainly beat the big supermarkets on price and service, but are now trying to offer customers more choice too.

With the policies of austerity about to get even tougher, it can be a good idea to learn how to be thrifty and frugal. A saving of 10p may not seem much, but add all the little savings together at the end of the month and you have money left over to save for a holiday or whatever…

Have you seen a bargain this week? Please share it in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter.


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