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The review: Manor House vintage fair this weekend

Swans on Forge Mill lake

I’ve used a photo from the summer today, but Autumn is still quite mild. This weekend at West Bromwich Manor House they have a Vintage Fair with 40 stalls from 11am until 4pm. I still have flu, but if I feel better tomorrow I’ll go to that.

I wrote a few articles this week on different subjects as usual, despite having flu!

Finance Friday: economic theories was yesterday’s post. I think the economists and bankers need to get real. The stock markets got trashed again this week and Friday was one of the worst days. They need to forget the fancy theories and realise the system is broken. If ordinary people have more money because the minimum wage is increased that benefits big companies like Tesco with extra sales and their investors. It’s win-win…

Thrifty Thursday: Autumn food bargains was Thursday’s thrifty post.  People are still walking past Tesco on their way to Aldi. What choice do they have?

Re-thinking values in society was Wednesday’s post. We need to value people more, especially the low paid, minorities and the disabled.

Photography: creating illusions was one of my photography posts on Tuesday. It’s amazing the illusions that can be created. 

Experiments in photography and art was also on Tuesday and used some of my best photographs from my library.

Common cold or influenza was Monday’s post. Well I had to write about getting influenza! I thought it was a bad cold at first. The two viruses are very similar.

Black Country common sense was  my Sunday ramble. We need a bit more common sense used to solve the world’s problems. The politicians are too far removed from ordinary people and their problems to have any common sense.

That’s it for today. I’ll be back tomorrow with another Sunday ramble, hopefully I’ll be over the flu. I hope I’ll be well enough to take some photographs tomorrow afternoon too. As usual you can share your thoughts in the comments box or ask questions. You can follow me on Twitter too.

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