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Photography: Autumn events

Manor House vintage fair -  12 October 2014 (63)

Now it’s Autumn there are fewer events to photograph and the weather is even more unsettled. This was a vintage fair at West Bromwich Manor House at the weekend and was partly outside and partly inside.

Manor House vintage fair -  12 October 2014 (39)

If everything is looking a little green and grey, try to get some bright colours in the shot to break it up. This shot shows the spirit of the event, but is also quite an unusual subject. Vehicles add a lot to a image, as do people.

Manor House vintage fair -  12 October 2014 (60)

It can be a good idea to zoom in close on your subject, especially people. This was the Elvis tribute act, which was really good. The uniform was in keeping with the rest of the event and really made it a ‘vintage’ event.

Manor House vintage fair -  12 October 2014 (68)

Just photographing the crowds can also make the event look popular when the photos are used in the future to publicise further events.

Manor House vintage fair -  12 October 2014 (79)

The Manor House is quite dark inside, so I used my speed-light. I think I managed to show the character of the building as well as the flavour of the event.

Manor House vintage fair -  12 October 2014 (36)

The speed-light was really essential in the great hall with it’s black and red walls. This space was larger and so I could zoom out and get a image that shows the general feel of the event, without worrying too much about the sharpness of the image.

In Autumn the colours of nature are changing, with trees turning yellow and golden brown and so landscape photography is still an option. I also have a few events in mind. There is a Halloween event at the Manor House this month and then in November, a bonfire and fireworks in the park, an arts fest event and the official switch on of the Christmas lights in the town. Finding somewhere to park the car at all the events will be a problem. Last year hypothermia was a problem at the Christmas lights switch on! I’m prepared this year. I have my Arctic gear all ready!

People do ask me to take their photo at events and I will usually; just ask! Do you have any thoughts on Autumn events? Please share them in the comments box. You can see my post about this vintage fair that I did yesterday on a zillion ideas. You can also follow me on Twitter.

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