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The review: I want to be different

Wednesbury Pool

The reason for today’s picture is that I want to take the same picture this weekend to see the changes in autumn. I want to try different camera settings too. I don’t have grand ambitions, I write, take photos and see things differently.

I am different, I want to be different, not one of those aspirational people. They even have aspirational products now, things that we are supposed to want, but can’t afford. These are the high fashion items that we see in the glossy magazines, worn by anorexic photo-shopped models. Those models really put me off buying clothes when I shop online. I don’t want to be fashionable; fashionable means wearing what everyone else wears. Anyway, I like writing and so wrote a few blog posts this week.

Finance Friday: investors and speculators was my Friday financial post, that I wrote while I watched the stock market. I aspire to be a successful investor, just because I’m a bit insecure and loads of money would make me feel better. I think I might share that idea with a few other people…

Thrifty Thursday: Halloween preparations was my thrifty post this week. If we are thrifty and don’t waste money, we can afford to invest. I went to Poundland in the afternoon and picked up a few bargains.

Human capital – because we’re worth it… was my post on Wednesday. Some companies treat their employees as ‘human capital’ and try to assess how much they’re worth.   It sounds a little inhuman, but often employees are worth more than they appear at first glance. The brain surgeon might earn more than the cleaner, but he wants a clean and sterile environment to work in, so the cleaner is important to the surgery too.

Photography: Autumn events was my usual photography post on a Tuesday and used photos from last weeks event at West Bromwich Manor House.

Manor House Vintage Fair also used photos from last weekend’s event at the Manor house and I did a review of that event. That post was also syndicated on a news website and featured on the Wolverhampton Express and Star website. I don’t have  an event to go to this week, unless you know of one? I might experiment with camera settings on Sunday and take some autumn pictures. The weather forecast keeps changing, but I think the rain might clear by Sunday afternoon.

The Sunday Ramble: they are among us was my post on Sunday. That was a disappointment. I put a lot of work into that post and it wasn’t very popular. I’ll just write whatever comes into my head tomorrow and hope for the best!

Anyway, those were my six posts this week. I didn’t do very much else exciting. The trip to Poundland was probably the highlight of the week. I’m fascinated by aspirational brands now. Apparently, many people aspire to owning property, I think that’s OK, but aspiring to owning luxury cars is a little lacking in taste. Do you know what I mean? Like that Ferrari, someone had wrapped in gold. I don’t think it was real gold, it was some kind of plastic. Even a Rolls Royce can look tacky if used in the wrong context. Those stretch limos always look like someone trying to impress the impressible. Even mobile phones are supposed to impress now; not me though, I can’t tell one from another. Some things are cool, but you don’t find them in glossy magazines or at the most fashionable shops. I saw some cool stuff at that vintage fair last weekend.

What do you think? Do you aspire to be something or someone different? Please share the thought in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter


2 responses

  1. My husband is always amazed–or is that disappointed?– that I cannot tell one make of car from another. He’ll say, “Wow! That car is worth more than our house.”

    Then looking around at the stream of cars passing by, I’ll respond, “Which one?”

    It always makes him laugh, especially when I try to get into a similar colour car to the one we own.

    19, October 2014 at 1:44 pm

    • Hi Carole,

      I’m the same. I can just about recognise Rolls Royces and maybe Ferrari’s, but all the rest look alike to me.

      19, October 2014 at 9:23 pm

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