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The Sunday Ramble: changing seasons

This was Forge Mill Lake in February; I wonder what it looks like in Autumn? I might find out today. The seasons change and the landscape changes with them. Our lives are like that, people come into our lives and leave with the next season. We look for permanency in our lives, but everything  is  really temporary.

I have 252 Facebook friends, they come and go. They post allsorts of weird things on Facebook. Some of them have seen Jesus, some have seen aliens, last night someone claimed to have had  a pay rise – now that is hard to believe!

I read this week about a new battery for buses. It uses graphene and holds more charge than the normal ones and so the bus will be able to go 200Km before the battery needs recharging. They could have a bus on the road by next year. This is the sort of thing we need. Where will the power come from? Well a major corporation claims they will soon be able to generate electricity by nuclear fusion. It is science that can help us create more wealth. Scientists make discoveries, technologists turn that into wealth. Economists and financiers are just parasites that live off the system for exchanging wealth.

I also read this week that parents can’t afford to feed their kids properly because of the governments austerity measures. The kids aren’t growing properly. I’m 188cm tall with my shoes on and can usually change a light bulb quite easily. What of the people of tomorrow? Who will change the light bulbs if the kids of today all grow up to be dwarves? Not to worry, at least one of them will be Happy!

Abbvie, the US pharmaceutical company were planning to take over Shire the British pharmaceutical company so they could be based in London and pay lower taxes. The takeover has fell apart and Shire’s share price tanked this week. The US government is wise to this tax avoiding wheeze and plans to stop it. Spoil sports! The British government is all in favour of stopping tax avoidance, but wants to encourage companies to avoid paying taxes in other countries so they can pay tax here!

My doorbell rang yesterday and I opened the door to two black guys. Is there a politically correct term for black people that I don’t know about? They’re not dermalogically challenged or something are they? Anyway, they spoke with African accents and were Jehovah’s witnesses and asked if any French people lived around here. I assume they were from a central African French speaking country and not from a country with an Ebola outbreak. Not that Jehovah’s witnesses are afraid of Ebola, they have Jehovah to protect them and can’t wait for the end of the world. They probably have a conference about it with people flying in from all over the place…

I’ve only seen one French person in the past 50 years; I don’t get out much though…

Have you noticed every time there is a plane crash or one gets shot down, there’s always a doctor on board on his way to a conference. I think this could be the way germs are spread…

Lord Freud was in the news this week, saying that some disabled people are only worth £2 an hour and shouldn’t be paid minimum wage. He’s not worth the £300 a day expenses he claims. I think rich people have something missing in their lives that makes them miserable bastards that hate poor people. They can’t be happy can they? The only time George Osborne smiles is when he’s heard some poor person has committed suicide.

125 people have committed suicide in UK prisons in the past 20 months, many before they even came to trial. One was sent there because he self harmed and hadn’t even committed a crime; he had a mental illness. Judge a society by the way it treats it’s disabled and mentally ill. The UK fails miserably…

The X37B is an unmanned space plane and a bit smaller than the space shuttle. That’s been orbiting the earth for the past 2 years on a secret mission. I wonder what it was doing up there? Tracking the spread of Islamic State? Tracking Russian involvement in Ukraine? Maybe it was just an experiment to see if America could do whatever it was,  before the Russians?

Humans are a lot like chickens, we have a pecking order. In the UK, the queen and her relatives are at the top and the benefit claimants on council estates are at the bottom. This pecking order means everyone has to show off, show what they have and how much power and influence they have. This extends to companies, governments and religions. We build palaces and temples to celebrate our dominance over the other species. Even having a block paved drive with a BMW on it is cause for celebration in some places.

It’s a bit windy, but the sun is shining this morning and so I’ll be out this afternoon with my camera. There’s no event to photograph this week and so I’ll be looking at the changing colours of nature and recording it for posterity. There is another reason, I see things and experience things on my outings that I can’t explain. You just have to be there. The rich and famous will never know what I see, hear and observe. They will never feel the emotions that I feel; they are too poor, too deprived and they really are worth £2 an hour…

That’s it for today, say hello if you see me out today. I might take your photo! You can comment and share your thoughts or you can follow me on Twitter.


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