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Photography: Around the Black Country

Sunday 19th October 2014 around the Black Country (72)

The settings on modern cameras are great, just set it on landscape for landscape photos and the camera does the rest. You can get technical and set the aperture, shutter speed and ISO yourself for better photos. The important thing is to point the camera at something interesting and try to keep it still.

On Sunday, I went to a few places taking photos, this one was taken at Forge Mill Farm in Sandwell Valley. It was cloudy, but the sun came out occasionally. Most of the time the camera was deciding on the shutter speed and aperture, but I did increase the ISO from 100 to 200; basically making the sensor twice as sensitive to light.

Sunday 19th October 2014 around the Black Country (58)

This shot of pumpkins on the flower cart is very seasonal. Close up shots can make for interesting shots, but I think the sun went in for this one.

Sunday 19th October 2014 around the Black Country (77)

It makes all the difference when the sun comes out. I like this angle better too. Patterns in a picture make it more interesting and even shadows sometimes.

Sunday 19th October 2014: Tilted barrel

I’ve been meaning to photograph this pub for a while. The sun came for this one too.

Sunday 19th October 2014 around the Black Country (96)

Narrow-boats on the canal make an interesting picture. The cyclists riding past made the picture a little more interesting too.

Sunday 19th October 2014 around the Black Country (118)

I took this photo at the Frying Pan later in the afternoon, but by that time it was cloudy and was about to rain. It’s not a bad picture though.

Sunday 19th October 2014 around the Black Country

I edited this one, with PhotoScape for a more artistic image. For some photographers just recording what the place looked like is enough, but most professionals want to create an image that is different.

You can find more of the photos I took on Sunday on my Facebook page. You can also share your thoughts in the comments box or follow me on Twitter.


3 responses

  1. Hi Mike, Great photos! I really like the pumpkins in the cart. Those photos remind me of the flower cart photos you took earlier.

    The edited photo really looks antique, but it’s not just the editing, it’s also the way you took the shot.

    The Tilted Barrel looks like so much fun! The pub itself looks a bit crooked from the outside. Is it crooked on the inside as well?

    Thanks for sharing your artistry with us, Mike!

    21, October 2014 at 12:31 pm

  2. Hi Carolyn,

    That is the same flower cart as in previous photos, it’s showing it’s age more now though. I’ve never been in the Tilted Barrel, I was asked about these pubs, there is another that is similar called the Crooked House, That really is crooked! I think it’s probably the mining subsidence that makes then sink a little on one side. That last photo was taken when the sun came out briefly. It was quite a good day for the light, but it kept going behind a cloud when I saw a good shot! That one worked out and looked like a good edit too.

    We did go out this afternoon, there was hail bouncing off the ground and later then bright sunshine! We did take a few photos of the hail hitting the surface of the lake. I’m not sure how they will turn out!

    21, October 2014 at 7:01 pm

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