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Thrifty Thursday: Early Christmas presents?

The Aldi super-six this week are plums (500g), satsumas (600g), cox apples (6-10 pack), mixed peppers (3), butternut squash and mushrooms (380g). They are all 69p and the offer lasts until the 5th of November.

Today’s special buys includes kitchen appliances and tools. They’re worth looking at. I would like the slow cooker, but it would take up more of my work top space. I need a smaller house with a bigger kitchen! The cordless drill for 19.99 looks like a good buy.

The special buys on Sunday are varied, but includes clothing for horse riding. There are some glasses cleaning wipes (50) for 1.19. I will watch out for those, they not just good for cleaning your glasses. I use them to clean my camera lenses. They are alcohol wipes and so dry out quickly, but are great for all lenses.


The bigger supermarkets have offers on a few things too. At Tesco they have lettuce, tomatoes and peppers on offer. They have decided not to try to compete with Aldi and Lidl on price but offer other things to loyal customers like Tesco banking and credit cards. Tesco shares have dropped quite spectacularly and are over 5% down this morning as I write this. There are rumours of Tesco needing to sell more shares to institutional investors.  Maybe they could offer them to their loyal customer at a discount too?


Morrisons are going to try to compete with Aldi and Lidl. They need to improve staff training, so do Tesco and Asda. They are pleasant and efficient in Aldi.


Pumpkins are 2 for £3 at Tesco, which I suppose is good if you have 2 kids… They usually have those in Aldi too, but you don’t have to buy two! They have kids Halloween costumes in Poundland, for £4 (when you spend £6). I’m surprised they haven’t done a section of the store where everything is a fiver… A store where everything costs £5 would work. You heard it here first…


Some local markets start gearing up for Christmas now. My local market has a bric-a-brac market on Tuesday, some stalls in the pedestrian precinct on Thursday and full markets on Friday and Saturday. They will have a evening market for the switch on of the Christmas lights at the end of November with a funfair. I’ll be there in my thermals taking photos! It was below zero last year, so I’m prepared this year.


Amazon has a lot of stuff for Halloween, if you’re looking for costumes or special effects in their Halloween store.

Don’t forget that you can also make your own Halloween masks and decorations. What are you going to do? Please share you Halloween money saving tips in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter.

Finally, watch out for Christmas presents that you can buy cheaper this week. It’ll save you time and money closer to Christmas. Many people are short of money now, so practical presents are useful this year. Maybe a bottle of wine to go with Christmas dinner or even a food parcel, if you have friends or family that are going to have a really  austere Christmas.


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