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The review: the modern world

Sunday 19th October 2014 around the Black Country (74)

I’ve been checking the weather forecast it seems this could be a good weekend for photography. At the time of writing, Saturday morning, the light is really good. Modern technology allows us to take great photos and share them with the world without messing around with films or processing.

Modern technology also allows us to communicate instantly through different channels. I talk regularly to people in distant lands using Skype. I said goodnight to someone in California who was going to bed, as I was eating my breakfast this morning. This instant communication means I can chat to students in Hong Kong and help them with their studies or just chat about life. It also allows rumours to get around and one this week was of an oil strike in the UK. The rumour got around just before the stock market closed on Thursday and share prices of a few small oil companies soared. The official announcement came on Friday morning and the prices dropped just as rapidly as they had soared. Who made money and who lost money? I think those who lost money can afford to do so. I made money on paper on Thursday and lost it again on Friday.  C’est la Vie…

Finance Friday: RBS, Tesco and Solo Oil was my post on Friday. I thought for a while I was going to do really well with Solo Oil, but I’ve still doubled my money and they’re still drilling. The next target could be gas, but I think 3 million barrels of oil isn’t to be sniffed at either.

Thrifty Thursday: Early Christmas presents? was my thrifty post this week. Yes, I’m looking for my Christmas pressies already. I also need some garlands to go with the decorations I already have. I have no idea where I’ll get those…

Life skills, images and perceptions was my post on Wednesday.  We all need a good image these days. We have to dress to impress at times. I think we have become too superficial, we can’t be bothered to look below the surface. I think younger people are changing though, some of them are less narrow-minded than the baby boomer generation.

Photography: Around the Black Country was this week’s photography post using my photos from last Sunday.

An Autumn afternoon around the Black Country was also about my outing on Sunday.  I managed to take photos at a few places and travelled through five towns. They are close together in the Black Country.

The Sunday Ramble: changing seasons was a look inside the inner workings of my mind on a Sunday morning. I’ll be writing another ramble tomorrow. Incidentally, people ramble when they talk about varying things. It has nothing to do with the ramble people take through the countryside. I do wander around sometimes, but I wouldn’t call it a ramble…

I could see a nice clear blue sky when I started writing this, I can see cloud now. I still plan to take photos tomorrow come rain or shine. We also have to put our clocks back an hour tonight (or tomorrow). If you put your clock back tonight and get up at your usual time, you will get an extra hours sleep. My biological clock will wake me up an hour early…


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