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Thrifty Thursday: Halloween Bargains

The Aldi super-six this week are plums (500g), satsumas (600g), cox apples (6-10 pack), mixed peppers (3), butternut squash and mushrooms (380g). They are all 69p and the offer lasts until the 5th of November.

They do have pumpkins in Aldi and they are probably cheaper than the bigger supermarkets. I’ve forgotten how much they were! Most supermarkets have fireworks, but be sure to buy good quality ones.

I noticed today that Asda has toffee apples 75p each or two for £1. They are very seasonal, but they might sell more at 50p each…

Today’s special buys at Aldi includes lots of things for children. There are lots of cosmetics today, which I’m told are very good.

Sunday’s special buys are all related to Christmas. I need Christmas garlands, but I don’t see those. The bags for putting presents in might be needed though…

Aldi doesn’t have the wide range of goods that the bigger supermarkets have and there is no cafe or toilets, but the prices on many basic items are good. I bought a mattress cover this week for 7.99. Fruit and veg is always cheap, satsumas were 59p this week and delicious. I also had 6 tomatoes for 59p. Bottled water tends to be expensive. I have the fizzy one for mixing up some medicine and it was 17p for 2 litres. I also had 500ml bottles of Banks’s beer for 99p a bottle!

I do like George at Asda for clothes and shoes and Tesco does some good clothes too. They have leather shoes for £17 that I would like to look at.

The markets will be busier and so carrying extra stock soon with Christmas fast approaching. Try checking out your local markets and car boot sales. Look on Facebook for local buy and sell pages too. We will have a night market and fun fair when they do the official switch on of the Christmas lights. I’ll be there photographing it!

I’ve had a few things from Expedite Electronics so if you’re after electronic goods or camera stuff for Christmas, check that site out. I’ve had two lenses for my camera and saved a bundle. I got a lens that is over £400 list price for £150.

I’m thinking about buying a tablet computer and maybe a sports video camera for my car, but I can shop around because there is no hurry. I often shop around for 12 months before making a purchase.

If you are spending over £100 put the purchase on your credit card for the added legal protection. I noticed that the Tesco MasterCard gives you  0% interest on purchases for the first 19 months. You can also transfer balances (2.9% fee). If I needed a credit card that one would be high on my list.

That’s it for today, tomorrow I’ll do a post on a zillion ideas about finance. That will probably be about investments. The FTSE 100 is 0.78% down again today. I’m up very slightly thanks to a rise in the price of TSB shares…

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